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Who's is the Commander in Chief?
President Bush
Who's is the Secretary of Defense?
Secretary Rumsfeld
Who's is the Chairman of the joint chief of staff?
General Pace
Who's is the Army chief of staff?
General Shoomaker
Who's is the TRADOC commander?
General Wallace
Who's is the Cadet command commander?
Major General Winfled
Who's is the West region commander?
Colonel Corbett
Who's is the 13th brigade commander?
Colonel Smith
Who's is the SAI?
Lt. Colonel Banks
Who's is the AI?
MSG Taylor
Who's is the Battalion commander?
c/LTC Parsons
Who's is the XO?
c/MAJ Patton
Who's is the CSM?
c/CSM Brauer
Who's is the S-1?
c/CPT Holt
Who's is the S-2?
c/CPT Kane Flecther
Who's is the S-3?
c/CPT Ebding
Who's is the S-4?
c/CPT D. Canties
Who's is the S-5?
c/CPT Ebding
Who's is the S-6?
c/CPT Kory Flether
Who's is the AS-2?
c/1LT Warren
Who's is the AS-4?
c/1LT Avbel