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contains 22 bones
rests on the superior end of vertabrae
Consists of cranial and facial bones
Cranial bones
form the cranial cavity, which encloses and protects the brain.
Facial bones
forms the face
Frontal bone
forms the forehead
the roofs of the orbits
most of anterior floor of the cranium
Metopic suture
Frontal squama
a scalelike plate of bone that forms the forehead. Gradually slopes inferiorly from the coronal sutureon top of the skull, then angles abruptly and becomes almost vertical.
Supraorbital foramen
slightly medial to supraorbital margin's midpoint is a hole where the nerve and artery pass is called ___.
Supraorbital notch
An incomplete Supraorbital foramen
the vertical portion of the frontal bone that forms the forehead
Frontal sinuses
lie deep to the frontal squama
The most forward projecting point of the forehead in the midline of the supraorbital ridges.
Superciliary arch
A smooth elevation extending laterally from the glabella on either side, above the orbital margin of the frontal bone.
Frontal Eminence
the prominence of the human frontal bone above each superciliary ridge