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name the 5 parts of the vertebral column
name the 4 curvatures of the spinal cord
cervical curvature
thoracic curvature
lumbar curvature
pelvic curvature
which curves are concave and which are convex?
concave - cervical and lumbar

convex - thoracic and sacrum
what is the human vertebrae formula
7 12 5 1 1
what is the fetal vertebral formula
7 12 5 4
name 3 exxageration os the vertebral column
lumbar lordosis
what does the vertebral foramen do
allows the spinal nerves to exit
how many pairs of ribs do we have
12 pairs
why are ribs 8-10 called 'false ribs'
b/c they are not actually connected to the sternum they fuse with the bone above
what are ribs 1-7, 8-10 and 11-12 called
1-7 known as vertebral sternum ribs

8-10 known as vertebral chondral ribs

11-12 known as vertrbral muscular ribs
what is the hole in the tranverse process and what does it do?
its known as the tranverse foramen and it conveys the vertebral artery and a vein
what holds the head up
2superior articular facets
a vertebral disk has 2 major components:
1. nucleus pulposus
2. ?