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the line of highest points on the rockies that marks the separation between rivers flowing eatward and westward
continental drift
firt word starts with a c and the second word starts with a d
name the great lakes
huron, ontrio, michigan, erie, superior
same climate region sin u.s. and canada
tundra, subarctic, highland, humid continental, marine west coast
dont have one
people who move from place to place
landbridge that once connected siberia and alaska
dont have one
what city is the capital of quebec and the second largest city, and is built underground?
starts with an m
what city has a mild climate, is overpopulated, and has way to much pollution in the air and watter supplies
los angeles
two words
an example of this is the erie canal is a inland waterway
this is a inland waterway and example is the st. lawrence river
this is the most important deepwater shipping route,it connects the great lakes to the atlantic ocean...has locks to raise and lower ships
st. lawrence seaway
the canadian _____ runs from montreal to the british columbia and was completed in 1885
transcontinental railroad
canadas ________ runs east to west conecting mayjor cities, the u.s. ____ runs eat to west and north to south that connects canada to mexico
national highway systems
name the provinces of canada
ontario, new brunswick, prince edward island, newfoundland, saskatchewan, yukon terrritory, alberta, manitoba, nunavut, northwest territories, british columbia
name the u.s. subregions
south, west, northeast , midwest
name the states, nickname, economic activities, and cultural financial center for the south u.s.
texas, okla, arks, louis, miss, alab, geo, flori, tenn, virg, w. virg, kent, n. car, s. car, mary, del....sunbelt, agric, oil, nat. gas, tourism
nmae the sats, economic activities, nickname, and cultural financial center for the n.east
main, verm, n. ham, mass, r. isl, conn, penn, n.y, n. jer... american gateway, agric, trade, oil, steel coal, tourism, electronics
nmae the states, .......... for the midwest
ohio, mich, ill, wisc, n. dak, s. dak, minn, neb, kan, misso, iowa,
canadian territory is....?
industrialized and urbanized,rich with natural resources
what are the main things that are economic in canada/
manufactoring & service ind, farming, logging, mining, fishing,
what is the NAFTA and what doe sit do?
it is the north american free trade center and it has made trading easier between the u.s, canada, and mexico
what four things make up canadian culture?
first nations, english and french, metis-french and native heritage, immigrants from all over the world
what is special about the language in canada?
it is bilangual(english and french), french is mosly spoken in quebec and english is spoken throughout canada
what are the religeonsin canada
prostistant and roman catholic(christian)
where do 80% of canadians live and why?
on the u.s. border because the climate is milder(hum-cont)
where do most natives live in canada? set aside for them by the gov.
what is the capital of canada?
ottowa, ontario
what is the leader of canada called?
the prime minister
name the canadian subregions
atlantic prov, core prov, prarie pov, pacific prov, and territories
what provinces are in the atlantic prov?
newfoundland, new brunswick, nova scotia, prince edward islands
what are the characteristics of the atlantic prov?
economy depends on fishing mining and logging,land is rocky and is poor for farming, opulation lives along the coast, export seafood, low pop. densisty b/c of harsh climate
name the prov. in the core prov.
quebec and ontario
name the characteristics of the core prov.
makeup heartland of canada, most populated provinces(along great lakes and st. law. river), ontario is center of enlish culture and quebec is the center of thefrench culture, core political and economic systems
nmae the prov. in the prarie prov.
manitoba, alberta, saskatchewan
name the characteristics of the prarie prov.
part of the great plains, make up breadasket of canada, 50%agriculture prod, 90% natural gas and several natural rescources, culterally diverse
name the provinces in the pacific prov.& territories
british colum, yukon terrritory, northwest terr, nunuvut
name the characteristics of the british colum.
westernmost province, mostly rocky mnts, shipping, fishing, mining, logging, hydroelectric power
nmae the characteristics of the territories
sparsly populates, severe climates, logging, fishing, mining, , nunuvut became a territory in 1999(inuit people), northern parts of the territories are the arctic circle
a system in which legislative and executive functions are combined ina legislature
parlimentary gov.
the unlawful use of, or threatened use of, force of violence against individuals or property for the purpose of intimidating or causing political or social ends
urban sprawl
a poorly planned develpoment that spreads a city's poulation over a wilder and wider geographical area
biological weapons
the refer to bacteria and viruses that can be used the harm or kill people and animals or plants
global network
a wroldwide interconnected group
an alliance
basic facilities services and machinery needed for a communtity to function