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What is the Sugar Act?
tax mollasses which was used to make rum in exchange for slaves in triangular trade
What is the Stamp Act?
tax on legal documents
-diplomas, marraige papers, and wills

tax on: newspapers, almanacs, playing cards, ect.
What was the Townshed Act?
tax on glass, paper, lead, paint, and tea
Exlpain why the Boston Massacre occured and the effect it had on the communtiy.
-colonists protesting ouside customs office in Boston
-croud grew larger and roudier, British soliers panicked, and fired shot
-5 colonists killed
Who was a black sailor, a Son of Liberty, and was killed in the Boston Massacre?
Crispus Attucks
Define the Tea Act, explain its effect on the colonists and how they reacted and why?
-British E India Co. sells tea directly to colonists
-colonists still paid tax, but not charged w/ high price that merchants sold it at
-colonists protested (didn't want to pay tax)
-boycotted tea, which lead to Boston Tea Party
What are the Intolerable Acts and why did the Brithish Parliament make them?
-Boston Port Act
-Government Act
-Administration of Justice Act
-Quarter Act
-MADE, because they wanted to control the colonists after the Boston Tea Party
What is the Boston Port Act?
-Parlaiment shut down port
-No ships in or out of Boston
What is the Government Act?
-Parliament forbade colonists (Mass) to hold town meetings more than once a year w/o governor's permission
What is the Administration of Justice Act
-Br. customs officials and other officials who were charged
-officials not punished for crime
What was the Quarter Act?
-colonists were forced to house Br. troops
Explain what the purpose was for the meeting of the First Continental Congress and what is it?
-met in Philidelphia
-12 delegates attend (not Georgia)
-aggreed to boycott all br. goods
-stop exporting goods to Br.
-set up and train militia
What is a citizen army?
Explain in detail what happened at Lexington and Concord.
British head to Concord for fire arms.

Lexington-"shot heard round the world"
-minutemen out#, told to go home, shot fired, don't no where it came from, fighting occured, led to Amer. Rev.

Concord-Br. found no arms, turned back and met 300 minutemen on bridge
-colonists fire killed 73 Br. and 200 Br. missing or wounded
Who is the Br. general, captured Quebec?
Who was the French general, fought at Quebec?
bad card
bad card
Who was the British general that led attack against Fort Dusquesne. Nick name was Bulldog.Also messed up the fight cuz he was used to fighting in open fields, not in forest.
Edward Braddock
What brought Fr. and Indian to an end?
Treaty of Paris
What drew an imaginary line along Appalachian Mts?
Proclamation of 1763
What is a formal written request to someone in authority, signed by a group of people?
What also means cancel?
What document allowed officers to inspect a ship's cargo?
writs of assistance
What are the agreements in which merchants and planters promise to stop importing goods taxed by Townshed Act?
nonimportation agreement
What is a group that protests the Bithish policies?
Sons of Liberty
Who was a bad public speaker that stood against the British?
Samuel Adams
Who was a skilled lawyer how was against the British?
John Adams
Who was the women who wrote plays that made fun of British soldiers?
Mercy Otis Warren
Who was a yound lawyer who became well known as a violent critic of Br.?
Patrick Henry
What did Adams form that was members who wrote letters and pamphlets reporting events in Mass.?
committee of correspondence