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Is the skin a system? if so why?
The skin is a system b/c of its organelles
Name 4 dfferences between the Epidermis and the Dermis
epidermis is stratified dermis is dense irregular connective tissue. epidermis forms from the ectoderm and dermis forms from the mesoderm.
epidermis has no blood supply and dermis has.
epidermis has lots of organelle dermis has little.
epidermis has no sense receptors dermis has them.
State some functions of the skin
protects from elements, prevents desiccation, temperature regulation, sensation, protects against UV light, vitamin D production, excretion and milk production.
where is hair derived from
the epidermis
where are the roots and shaft located?
dermis (root)and epidermis (shaft)
which region is hair alive and dead
Dead in the epidermis and alive in the dermis
what lubricates the hair shaft?
sebaceous gland
where is the arrector pilli muscle derived and what does it do?
found in the dermis and it contracts and relaxes, causing hair to stand up and 'goosebumps' to form.
explain each receptor.
Pacinian, Meissner, free nerve ending, ruffini, krause
Pacinian - associated w/ pressure.

Messiner - associated w/ light touch

free nerve ending - pain receptor

ruffini - heat receptor

krause - cold receptor
name 3 major components of the breast
stroma, parenchyma and pectoralis muscle
why is the breast mobile?
b/c there is a space (retromammary space) between the breast and muscle. it has loose connective tissue making it mobile.
name 3 types of skin cancer
1. Basal cells carinomas
2. Malignant melanomas
3. Squamous cell carcinomas
xplain each type of burn
first degree burns cause minor discomfort and reddening of skin.

2nd degreeinvolves deep epidermal and injury to the upper dermis layers. complete destruction does not occur. it is very painful

3rd degree burns detroy the epidermis and dermis layers. they are not painful b/c nerve endings are destroyed.
2 major membranes are:
epithelial tissue membrane
connective tissue membrane
3 type os epithelial membranes
1. cutaneous membrane
2. serous membrane
3.mucous membrane