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Direct Memory Tests
Asks people to recall or recognize past events
-Recall & Recognition tests
-Refer to a particular event in a persons past
-Measures Explicit Memory
-Conceptually Driven
-Episodic Memory
-Influenced by subject-initiated strategies that facilitate retrieval
Explicit Memory
Evaluated by direct memory tests
-Need for conscious recollection in order to recall something
Indirect Memory Tests
Does not explicity ask about past events but is influenced by memory of past events
-Implicit memory
-Refer only to the current task and dont refer to prior events
-Word identification or word completion
-Semantic Memory
-Procedural Memory
-Influenced by familiarity of material
Implicit Memory
Evaluated by indirect memory tests
-Lack of conscious awareness in the act of recollection
Conceptually Driven Processing
A process that is influenced by a persons strategies
-Direct memory tests
-Subject-Initiated activities such as elaborating & organizing info
-Help on recall & recognition tests
-Top-Down processing
Data-Driven Processing
Process that's influenced by the stimulus material
-Indirect memory tests
-Initiated & guided by the perceptual info in the material, such as its familiarity
-Bottom-up Processing
Semantic Memory
Memory of general knowledge not associated with a particular context
-Indirect memory tests
Episodic Memory
Memory of specific events, including when & where they occured
-Temporally dated recollections of personal experience
-Direct Memory Tests
-Effected by amnesia
Procedural memory
Memory for actions, skills, operations
-Not as suceptible to forgetting than factual info
Facilitation in the detection or recognition of a stimulus by using prior info
-Facilitation of ability to identify stimuli by using prior info
-Type of implicit memory