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italian who sailed for spain; he tried to establish an all-water route from Europe to India by sailing west
christopher columbus
the 3 original ships under the Columbus command on his initial voyage to the new world
nina, pinta, and santa maria
a land controlled by another nation
portuguese sailor who claimed brazil for portugal
pedro cabral
new world continents were named for him; he mapped the eastern coast of south america, and claimed that the newly discovered land was not part of asia, but a "new" world
amerigo vespucci
led a spanish fleet in the first attempted circumnavigation of the globe; they sailed around cape horn at the tip of south america and across the pacific ocean
ferdinand magellan
spanish conqueror of the aztecs
hernando cortes
the spanish soldiers, explorers, and fortune hunters who took part in the conquest of he americas in the 16th century
leader of the aztec civilization conquered by cortes for spain in 1521
montezuma II
conquered the Incan Empire for spain in 1535
francisco pizarro
a person of mixed spanish and native american ancestory
a grant of land made by spain to a settler in the americas including the right to use native americans as laborers on it
spanish governor of puerto rico; he led a search for a fountain of youth in florida
juan ponce de leon
led a spanish search for the Seven Cities of Gold in present-day New Mexico; he found Zunni villages, but no gold
francisco coronado
explorer of a river off the eastern coast of canada that he named the St. Lawrence; he later founded montreal
jacques cartier
founded the french settlement of Quebec
samuel de champlain
colony established at Port Royal and Quebec in north america
new france
the first successful English colony in North America
a group of people who, in 1620, founded the colony of Plymouth in Massachuetts to escape religious persecution in England
a group of people who sought freedom from religious persecution in England by founding a colony at Massachuettes Bay in the early 1600s
dutch colony on the hudson river that was conquered by the english and renamed New York in 1664
new netherlands
a conflict between Britian and France for control of territory in north america, lasting from 1754 to 1763
french and indian war
the buying, transporting, and selling of Africans for work in the Americas
atlantic slave trade
the transatlantic trading network along which slaves and other goods were carried between Africa, England, Europe, the West Indies and the colonies in America
triangular trade
the voyage that brought captured Africans to the West Indies, and later to north and south america, to be sold as slaves-so called because it was considered the middle leg of the triangular trade
middle passage
the global transfer of plants, animals, and diseases that occured during the European colonization of the Americas
columbian exchange
the expansion of trade and business that transformed European economies during the 16th and 17th centuries
commercial revolution
a economic system based on private ownership and on the investment of money in business ventures in order to make a profit
a business in which investors pool their wealth for a common purpose, then share the profits
joint-stock company
an economic policy under which nations sought to increase their wealth and power by obtaining large amounts of gold and silver and by selling more goods than they bought
an economic situation in which a country sells more goods abroad than it buys from abroad
favorable balance of trade