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ectasia, ectasis (csf)
dilation, enlargement
ectomy (csf)
surgical excision, removal of all/part of an organ
gen (csf)
substance that produces
genesis (csf)
formation, origin
genic (csf)
causing, producing, caused
genous (csf)
by, produced by/in
gram (csf)
record of the activity of an organ
graphy (csf)
instrument for recording the activity of an organ
lysis (csf)
dissolution, reduction, decomposition, disintegration
lytic (csf)
pertaining to dissolution, decomposition, disintegration
pathy (csf)
ptosis (csf)
dropping, sagging, prolapse
rrhagia (csf)
profuse discharge, hemorrhage
rrhea (csf)
profuse discharge, excessive secretion
rrhexis (csf)
bursting, rupture
scope (csf)
instrument for examining
scopy (csf)
tome (csf)
surgical instrument for cutting
tomy (csf)
surgical incision