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how do you make trna and rrna
from a dna strand, much like the same way you make mrna
making mrna is called
making a poly chain from mrna is called
protein synthesis involves ...and ...
transcription and translation
a DNA segment that provides info for the synthesis of one polypeptide chain
How does RNA differ from RNA
its single stranded, has sugar ribose, and has uracil instead of Thymine
DNA specifies the structure of lipids and carbohydrates too
False, only protein
amino acid specifying informational sequences
what RNAs act to translate the message
trna and rrna
in the cell, where does transcription take place
in the nucleus
specifies where Mrna synthesis will start
what binds to the promoter and starts transcription
RNA polymerase
what molecule unwinds the DNA to be transcribed
RNA polymerase
the three bases that correspond from DNA to MRNA are called
some amino acids have more than one codon for its code
True, helps protect agains transcription errors
Does the MRNA immediately get used as a messanger
no, gets edited by a splicesome, takes out the introns
whats the job of Trna
get the amino acids from the cytosol to the ribosome
each trna binds to a specific amino acid
the three base sequence that attaches to the mrna codon
the anticodon
how many binding sites does the ribosome have
a bunch or ribosomes all reading the same strand of Mrna
translation stops with a
stop codon