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Ji Fisk and Jay Gould
They had a plan in 1869 to corner the gold market. This worked with Grant but eventually failed when the Treasury started to sell gold
what was one of the biggest RR corruptions?
The Credit mobilier a company which hired itself for the construction of RRs for exorbitant
In 1875 President Grant supported his statement of "let no guilty man escape"
This is false President grant stood by his private secretary who had stolen millions of dollars from the Treasury.
what secretary of war in 1876 pocketed 24,000 by selling junk to indians
William Belknap
what caused the formation of the Liberal Republican Party? who did it nominate?
The disgust at corruption is what formed the Liberal Republican party which nominated Horace Greeley in 1872
who became president in 1872
what act was passed in 1872 that removed political disabilities from all but 500 former confederates leaders.
In 1872 the General amnesty Act was passed
what were causes of the panic in 1873
1) RR supply did not meet demand. 2) the failure of Jay Cooke& co. which was was headed by Cooke, a financier of the Civil war.
What did the resumption act of 1875 do?
it pledged the government to further withdrawl of greenbacks and made redemption of paper money in gold value starting in 1879.
what act instructed the treasury to buy and coin 2-4million$ worth of gold each month. This acted caused the creation of the Greenback Labor party.
1878 Bland-Allison Act
How did Hayes become president over Tilden in 1876
In 1876 the democrats said that they would give hayes the presidency if he ended reconstruction
What is an example of tensions in labor at the RRs in 1877
In 1877 the nations largest RR decreased wages by 10% causing a strike which Hayes broke down by sending in troops. More than 100 ppl died
In what year did congress pass a bill limiting Chinese immigration? In what year was a bill passed that excluded the Chinese completely from the US
The bill that reduced the influx of Chinese was passed in 1879. The Chinese Exclusion Act was passed in 1882
when was James Garfield President? Who took over when he was murdered?
Garfield was nominated in 1880 and was followed by Chester arthur
This act established a merit system of awarding jobs based on aptitude. It was dedicated to Garfield was murdered by a crazy office seeker
The Pendleton act of 1883
In what year was Grover Cleveland nominated? What did he think about business? what caused him problems?
Cleveland became president in 1884. He believed in laissez faire so businessmen loved him. Military pensions caused him many problems becuz of fraud/corruption
In what year did the treasury have a surplus? How much was the surplus?
In 1881 we had a surplus of 145 million
who was president in 1890