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Muckraker who went after Standard Oil?
Henry Demerest Lloyd
The Commission of Industrial Relations Report was issued as response to?
The Ludlow Massacre
Journal that hired Sinclair to write, "The Jungle" 1906?
The Appeal to Reason
The law enacted in response to the Jungle?
Meat Inspection Act 1906
Law that forbids the manufacture and sale of adulterated and fraudulantly labled food products?
Pure Food & Drug Act 1907
Court case that challenged the law that women could only work 10 hours?
Muller vs. Oregon 1908
Photographer that took pictures of children working in poor conditions?
Lewis Hine
State and term that began the process of initate reform through the use of petitions using the primary system?
Wisconsin Idea
TR's basic beliefs in government which were examples of his Progressive impulses. 3
Bigness is a fact of life.
Government has the right to regulate controls.
Legislative reform from the top down.
Strike in which coal miners in Penns. strike, and TR sides with strikers.
1902 Anthracite Coal Strike
TR reform in which a government entity had the right to inspect the books of the railroad companies, and the authority to set rates?
Interstate Commerce Commission
4 Cantidates in the 1914 election?
Taft, TR, Wilson, Debs
Campaign slogan used by Wilson?
New Freedom
Campaign slogan used by TR?
New Nationalism
Nadir means?
Lowest point
Black, woman journalist who was a co-founder of the NAACP?
Ida Wells
Term used to describe the instruction of immigrants?
Universal Education
Term used by Carneige which was the belief that it was a millionaire's duty to be a philanthropist?
Gospel of Wealth
Legislation that the NAACP tried to get passed?
Anti-Lynching Legislation
TR breaks apart Standard Oil Trust by utilizing which Act?
Sherman Anti-Trust Act