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What role did the KKK play in Reconstruction?
With the passing of the 13th -15th Amendments, African Americans received more rights. Members of the KKK, an extremist group, terrorized African Americas, and often used violence to discourage Africans from voting and achieving equality in the South.
Name the political group that that opposed the Freedmen's Bureau, Carpetbaggers, and Scalawags...
Democrats (often "Southern" Democrats)
Which Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote.
15th Amendment
This amendment abolished slavery.
13th Amendment (not to be confused with the Emancipation Proclamation, which ended slavery in only states that were rebelling against the Union)
This gave equal rights and citizenship to African Americans.
14th Amendment
This law made it illegal for African Americas to own a gun, travel freely in the South without a contract, or marry.
Black Codes
What does Segregation mean?
When African Americans are forced, by law to use seperate public facilities.
(ex. school, restrooms, diners, etc.)
What laws were passed to make segregation legal? What courtcase supported those laws?
Segregation Laws: Jim Crow Laws

Famous Courcase: Plessy v. Ferguson
Who won the election of 1876?
Rutherford B. Hayes
Who were the Northerners who went down South to profit from their misery?
what are SCALAWAGS
southern whites who supported radical republicans
What is a Radical Republican?
A Radical Republican is someone who wants to punish the south.They took lead in opposing President Johnson. They had a majority in Congress and wanted to break the power of wealthy planters who had long ruled the south. Radicals wanted to ensure that freedmen reveived the right to VOTE! GOOOOO RADICAL REPUBLICANSS <3 WOOT WOOT!
Republicans thought this person was too easy on the south, so they tried to do this.

OK....who did this card it makes no sense.
Johnson's Impeachment
What are Black Codes
Laws in the South that would restrict Black's rights. ex: Right to own guns, right to marry and right to own land.
What is The 13th Ammendment?
The 13th Ammendment is an Ammendment passed by the U.S Congress which banned slavery throughout the nation.
Describe a little about Lincoln's Assassination
He was shot by John Wilkes Boot on April 14, 1865 in Ford's Theatre Washington D.C.
What is a Northern Citizen that traveled to the South to take advantage of Reconstruction?
What was passed in the south that limmited the rights of freed men. This included not allowing African Americans to own property, and hold guns.
Black Codes
how did the 14th amendment help the african americans?
It guaranteed that the african americans would have equal rights as others
What gave African Americans the right to vote? What was the date and who ratified it?
15th Amendment was passed by Ulysses S. Grant February 26, 1869.
What is the Grandfather Clause?
A clause that states if a voter's grandfather or father had been eligible to vote on 1/1/1867 that voter did not have to take a literacy test
What is when people of different races are separated in public places?
Define: literacy test
an african american would need to be able to read and describe a part of the constitution and pass a test to vote.Most of these test were nearly impossible to pass.
What was the 15th Amendment?
The 15th Amendment gave freedmen the right to vote. Also, it forbade any state to deny African Americans the right to vote because of their race.
What was the 15th Amendment?
The 15th Amendment gave freedmen the right to vote. Also, it forbade any state to deny African Americans the right to vote because of their race.
What was sharecropping?
It was a system where a farmer would farm land in exchange for food and shelter.
Many of these farmers could not get out of a cycle of poverty they were put into.
Gave food and clothing to former slaves. Tried to find jobs for freedmen. And helped poor whites as well. Provided medical care for more than one million people. Confederates where amazed to see the gov't so generous. YEAH FREEEEEEMAN'S BUREAU!!! You r the best!!!! I love the freeman's burea unlike the kkk. kkk is really weird. who would like dress up in ugly white,dirty clothing and burn crosses. wEiRd and WrOnG! I saw it on like a twilight zone show...this guy was racest and then he like goes into all the point of views of different races. like the kkk and the hollacost....OMG!!! this is the longest flashcard ever. YEAH BOIIIIII!!!!! :) OmG tomarrow is HALLOWEEN!!! i'm scaring the people who come up to my house with my dad!!!! C YA!!!!TORI STARR IS THE BEEEEEEESSSSSTT!
What were some postwar problems?
Some of the postwar problems were they had to rebuild towns, brigdes, railroads, relationships with the South, Southern banks were closed, their money was worthless, and people were never repaid by the Confederate States of America.
What was the Reconstruction Act?
A reconstruction plan that the Radical Republicans came up with. It got rid of southern governments that refused to ratify the 14th amendment. Divided south into 5 military districts. Confederate states must write new constitution and ratify the 14th amendment. Must allow African-Americans to vote.
Define Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction
It was callede the 10% plan. Ithad 3 parts:
-Southern state could form a new government after 10% of its voters swore an oath of loyalty to the US
-Had to abolish slavery
What were Scalawags?
Scalawags were names given to any Southerner who supported the Republicians.
Welcome to my awesome flashcards. They are awesome.
Who was the 17th president?
ANDREW JOHNSON. He took over after Lincoln was assasinated.
That president was nearly __________ by the U.S. gov't.
Andrew Johnson was almost IMPEACHED. He would've if there had been one more vote in favor of it...
What was one important reason that Rutherford B. Hayes won the Election of 1876?
Was the end of reconstruction good or bad for free African-Americans?
BAD. Once reconstruction ended, southern whites created new UNFAIR laws that prevented African-Americans from doing certain things.
List three obstacles that African-Americans had to overcome if they wanted to vote.
GRANDFATHER CLAUSE- father or grandfather must've been able to vote in 1867
LITERACY TEST- must be educated [able to read and explain part of the U.S. Constitution or pass an impossible test that even we freaked out about. some people were more freaked out than others]
POLL TAX- poor African-Americans would have to pay $$$$$$$ to vote
Stonewall Jackson
A General from the Civil War who earned the name "Stonewall" Jackson from the Battle of Bull Run
The CSA A.K.A the Confederacy was the opposing side to the Union