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News values help journalists decide _________________ and ____________.
what stories merit coverage and to what degree.
News values have been formed by ____________, ____________, _____________, and _____________.
tradition, technology, organizational policy, and by economics.
The common elements that characterize newsworthy stories are: _____________, ___________, _______________, ______________, and ______________.
timeliness, proximity, prominence, consequence, and human interest
To be news, news must be fresh, immediate, and current. The digital revolution has put a premium on this.
The closer a news event is to your home, the more important you perceive
it to be
The more important a person is, the more valuable he or she is as a news
source. Even infamous criminals have news value, hence the frequent
media coverage of their past lives and recent exploits.
Events that affect a great many people have built-in news value.
Stories arousing some emotion in the audience. They may be uplifting,
bizarre, ironic, or dramatic.
human interest
_____________, in addition to the five traditional news values, also plays an important role in determining whether a story is reported.
Economic factors also determine _____________.
Name some economic factors that determine coverage.
Cost of covering stories
Fit within the organization’s look
Conflicts of interest
Audiences can go to ________________ covering broad topic areas (,; _______________ offering a digest of news from other sources (Google, Yahoo); ____________ offering content with a tight focus (ESPN); or ________.
general news sites
news aggregators
specialized news sites
Name 5 characteristics of blogs.
• Blogs represent another source of news, free from economic, corporate, political, or advertising considerations. There are blogs devoted to all sorts of topics, and blogs offer alternative points of view to traditional media.
• Blogs can have an agenda setting effect, and can help keep events in the news cycle.
• Blogs can provide a check on traditional media and hold traditional media to higher levels of scrutiny.
• Blogs provide an additional outlet for reporters to explain why they reported a story in the way they did.
• Blogs have made it possible for everyone to become a reporter, and paved the way for citizen journalism.
_______________ to news coverage of stories of interest to a very small community.
Hyperlocal news
The converged reporter has the skills of the ____________ and _______________.
journalist and the video journalist
______________ "do it all" journalists who carry a digital camera, laptop computer, and satellite phone. They produce stories for print, television, and online media.
Backpack journalist
Reporters who work out of their cars and cover local community news are called _____________, or ________.
mobile journalists; mojos
Jjournalists must learn the appropriate skills to take advantage of all the Internet can offer. These skills are generally referred to as __________________.
computer-assisted reporting
News can be broken down into what three broad categories?
(1) hard news, (2) features, or soft news, and (3) investigative reports.
__________ the realm of traditional fact-oriented journalism; it embodies the famous journalistic question set of _________________________.
Hard news; who, what, where, when, why, and how
Hard news generally embraces all but the ______________ values, with emphasis on the values of _____________ and _____________.
human interest
_________ usually deliver news in the traditional _____________ format, wherein the story is reported in a descending order of importance.
The Print Media; inverted pyramid
The first sentence of a hard news story is the ______, a sentence that summarizes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the story.
__________ follow a _________ in which the level of important facts remains the same throughout the story and often ends in a summary statement of the story’s relevance to the viewer.
The Broadcast Media; square
(factual, no nonsense approach) or ______ (feature-like approach designed to grab the viewer’s interest).
hard leads
soft leads
___________ don’t follow a single writing style.
Online Media
In online media, . Generally the newspaper ____________format is followed, and photos, videos and links to related sites are integrated into the text.
inverted pyramid
Soft news, or __________, covers a wide range of topics.
Soft news usually relies heavily on the _______________.
human interest news value
There are two main sources of print news: ___________ and ___________.
staff reports and wire services.
There are two types of reporters: the _____________ who specializes in covering a topic such as fire and police departments, government, schools, and business; and the ______________ , who covers whatever assignments come up.
beat reporter; general assignment reporter
Typical responsibilities for a news program producer include (5):
-deciding what stories are covered, by whom, and in what way
-deciding the order in which stories appear in the newscast
-determining the amount of time each story is given
-writing copy for some stories
-integrating live reports into the newscasts
AP stands for the _____________ wire service and UPI stands for _______________; they are our country’s two biggest news wire services and together provide you with most of the news about what’s going on outside of your local community.
Associated Press; United Press International
What is the purpose of a wire service?
To provide newspapers with correspondents and coverage that the papers couldn’t otherwise afford.
Newspapers pay for wire service news on a ______________: the bigger the paper’s circulation, the more they pay.
sliding scale
Despite their differences, editors and reporters in each media share the same basic values and journalistic principles (5):
-maintaining credibility