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chromatin contains proteins calld....
when gregor mendel crossed true bredding tall plants with true breeding short plants all the offspring were tall because...
the allele for tall plants is dominant
in th eP generation a tall plant is crossed with a short plant. the probability that an f2 plant will be tall is...
variation in human skin color is a result of...
polygenetic traits
chromosomes form tetrads during...
prophase of meiosis 1
if an organism's diploid number is 12 then its haploid number is...
unlike mitosis, meiosis results in the formation of...
haploid cells
in the p generation, a tall plant was crossed w/ a short plant. short plants reappeared uin the f2 generation becaue...
the allele for shortness and the allele for tallness segregated when the f1 plants produced gametes
how mnay differnt allele combinations would be found in the gamete produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY?
which of the following assort independently?
the number of chromosomes in a gamete is represented by the symbol...
if a pea plant has a recessive allele for green peas, it will produce
green peas if it does not also have a dominant allele for yellow peas
a cross of a red cow (RR) with a white bull (WW) produces akk roan offspring (RRWW). this type of inheritance is known as...
the principle of dominance states that...
come allelese are dominant while others are recessive
gregor mendel concluded that traits are...
inherited through the passing of factors from parent to offspring
if an organism has 16 chromosomes in each of its egg cells, the organisms ___number is 32
if an organism is heterozygous for a particular gene the 2 different alleles will be separated during ____ of meiosis, assuming that no crossinf over has occured
anaphase 1
blood type in humans is determined by a single gene that has ____
multiple alleles
an organism with a dominant allele for a particular trait will ___ show that trait
true breeding plants that produced axial flowers were crossed with ture breeding plants thta produced terminal flowers. the resulting offspring produced terminal flowers because the allele for terminal flowers is ____
the relative locations of each known gene can be shown on a ___map
the plants that gregor mendel crossed to produce the f1 generation made up the ___generation