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How many abdominopelvic regions do you have and how many abdominopelvic quadrants are there
9, 4
what are the two major closed cavities
dorsal and ventral
what are the main divisions of the dorsal cavity
cranial and spinal
how is the ventral cavity divided
superior thoracic cavity, inferior abdominopelvic cavity
the superior thoracic cavity contains what
heart and lungs
the inferior abdominopelvic cavity contains
liver, digestive organs, reproductive structures
what separates the abdominopelvic cavity from the thoracic cavity
the diaphragm
the pelvic cavity contains
the bladder, repro organs, and the rectum
the serosa is double or single membraned
organs are encased in one membrane or two
two, by the parietal and the visceral
parietal pericardium lines what (be specific)
lines the pericardial cavity
the visceral pericardium lines the
the heart itself, ad the heart is within the pericardial cavity
whats the difference between the parietal peritoneum and the parietal pleura
the parietal pleura line the walls of thoracic cavity, the parietal peritoneum line the walls of abdominopelvic cavity
a vertical plan that divides body into right and left parts
what plane divides the body into anterior and posterior parts
frontal planes
what two plane types divide vertically
sagittal and frontal
what is another word for afrontal plane
coronal plane
what plane divides the body into superior and inferior parts
a transverse section is also called a
cross section
diagnol cuts
oblique sections
a sagital plane that lies right in the middle is called
the midsagittal plane
another name for midsagittal plane
median plane