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A form of rheumatism in which the joints are swollen, stiff and painful?
A degenerative joint disease in which joint cartilage is gradually lost (commonly known as "wear-&-tear" arthritis?
osteoarthritis (OA)
-results from aging, obesity, irritation of joints, muscle weakness-
An autoimmune diease in which the immune system attacks its own tissues?
rheumatoid arthritis
-characterized by inflammation of joints, causing swelling, pain, and loss of function-
An over/under-production of uric acid causinga buildup in the blood?
gouty arthritis
-accumulates in kindneys, cartilage of ears and joints, and great toe-
An inflammatory disease of unknown origin that affects joints b/t vertebrae and b/t the sacrum & hip bone?
ankylosing spondylitis
a partial or incomplete dislocation
inflammation of a synovial membrane in a joint