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arranging and structuring work to accomplish organizational goals
Organizational Structure
formal arangemnt of jobs within an organization
Work Specialization
degree to which tasks in organization are / into seperate jobs with each step compleated.
result in human diseconomis from boredom, fatige, stress, poor quality, absenteeism, and higher turnover
How much and how are you doing it?
Simple Structure
low departmentilzation, wide span of control, cenralized authority, littl formalization
Functional Structure
operation, finace, marketing, human resou., product research, development
Divisional Structure
seperate buisness units or divisions with limited autonomy under the coordination and control the parent corporation
Chain of Command
continuous line of authority that extend from upper level to the lower level and clarifies who reports whom.
rights inherent in managerial position to tell what to do and to expect them to do it
obligation or expectation to perform
Unity of Command
concepet that a person should have one boss and should report only to that person
Span of control
# of employees who effectively&efficently supervised by a manager
which decision making is concentrated at upper level
decisions making is pushed down to the managers who are closest to the action
Employee Empowerment
increasing the decesion making authority/power of employees
degree to which jobs within the organization are standarized and extend to which employee behavior is guided by rules and procedures
High Formalization
jobs offer little discretion over what is to be done
Low Formalization
fewer constraints on how employees do their work
Degree of Environmental Uncertainty
organic structures; mechanistic structures need stable environments
Strategy of Structure
achievment of strategic goals by changes in org. structure that accomadate support change.
Routine technology
mechanistic organizations
non-routine technology
organic organizations
Virtual Organization
consists of small core of full-time employees that temporarily hire specialists to work on opportunites that rise
small organization that outcorses its major business functions in order to concentrate on what it does best
outside suppliers to provide product components for its fina assembly operations