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Name 3 Reasons for concept testing
Quality: Concept testing is needed to get first confirmation that assures the quality product that meets a market need.
Time: It helps save time by gathering information and making decisions that help assure the product will move fast.
Cost: It helps us make cost forecasts
What do we evaluate in 3 stages of concept testing?
Pre-ideation stage, post-ideation stage, and final pre-development stage
What are the types of ideas to be removed in cncept testing?
Ideas conflicting technology focus
Ideas conflicting market focus (no knowledge about customers)
Ideas conflicting the level of innovativeness (too much, too little).
Ideas wrong on other dimensions: not low cost, too close to certain competitors, etc.
Name 3 factors to examine in initial reaction test
Market Worth: what is the attractiveness of the new product to the targeted customer population?
Firm Worth: What benefits and competencies do the new product bring to the firm?
Competitive Insulation: Can the product’s advantage be maintained against competitive retaliation?
Name 3 purposes of concept testing
To identify the very poor concept for elimination

To estimate the sales or trial rate of the product to project market share and/or revenue/profit.
Use buying intention test: likelihood of purchase (Definitely would or would not buy)
Does buying intention lead to purchase behavior?

To help develop the idea further
Because attributes frequently conflict with each other, trade-off must be made.
(Ex) Price and Quality, Speed and quality for Combo printer
Name 4 Steps of a concept testing
Prepare the concept statement

Define the respondent group

Select the response situation

Prepare the interviewing sequence
Format of concept statement
Must make the new product’s difference clear, claim determinant attributes, offer familiar code, be credible and realistic.
What is a full screen test?
The final low-risk evaluation of the
product’s technical specs and marketability before product
development It tests product concept using various
information received from PIC to concept testing.
2 feasibility to test in full screen test
market feasibility

technical feasibility
What are the three outcomes of full screen test?
(1) Recycle: It recycles unacceptable but potential concepts back to concept generation stage
(2) Proceed and Rank Order: It rank-orders the good concepts to give priority for development
(3) Reject: It rejects inappropriate concepts to prevent “reinventing the wheel” problems