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What was the worlds first antislavery society
The Society of Cincinnati was founded in 1775 by the Philadelphia Quakers.
what land dispute did the government solve after the war
The W. states were upset that they had no land beyond the mts. to sell so they could pay off their debt. Thus, the land was ceded to the govt. who promised to give it back (NW ordinance)
What ordinance said that the land was to be sold, w/all profits going to pay off the national debt? Also, the ordinance would survey land b4 settlement& be divided into townships of 6 square miles, and then divided into 36 square sections with the 16th section set aside for schools.
land ordinance of 1785
This ordinance said that..
-a region w/5000 adult maen, could apply 4 territorial status & send a non-voting delegate to the legislature.
-a territory w/60,000 citizens could write a const& apply 4 statehood.
-All persons born in the territory were free, no slavery in the territories or the resulting states
-All rights and liberties of U.S. citizens would be granted to territorial inhabitants.
NW ordinance of 1787
what made the Articles of Confederation so weak
-The colonists distrusted executive power becuz of Britain's misuse of it so the executive was made weak.
-the congress was weak since it couldnt regulate trade/enforce tax collection
-it required an impossible, unanimous votes on amendments.
In 1786 Massachussetts Captain Daniel Shays, along w/other war veterans of the Revolution were losing their farms to mortgage closures. They tried to force their demands violently, Shay was later pardoned
What impact did the Federalist papers have on the Constitution
There were difficulties in getting the Constitution passed so John Jay, James Madison and Alexander hamilton wrote the Federalist Papers which aided in passing the constitution
what did hamilton propose?
-Bank of America modeled after the Bank of England
-shape fiscal policies to favor the rich so that they would aid the govt.
-bolster national credit thru funding at par, which meant that the govt. would pay off debts at face value+int.
-"assumption" take on states debts which was an asset since more ppl would care abt what happened 2 the govt.
-proposed a tariff
-domestic tarriff on whiskey, 7 cents
Remember that domestic tariff? What rebellion did it cause?
The domestic tariff of 7 cents on whiskey was a big deal to farmers who used it for trade. Thus, they rebelled in 1794 and Washington called in the militia
Britain continued to defy the Paris Peace treaty of 1783. We found evidence at what battle that they wanted an indian buffer state
At the Battle of the Fallen Timbers "Mad" Anthony defeats the Indians in 1794 and it is the 1st time we realize that Britain is supplying the Indians with weapons
what gave indians the right to hunt on the lands they ceded, a 20,000 fee along w/a 9000$ annual fee, and was signed in 1795
The treaty of Greenville
what treaty screwed us over becuz we had to pay pre-revolutionary debts while the British didnt promise to cease impressing sailors/ship and supplying indians with arms.
the John Jay Treaty of 1794
The John Jay Treaty of 1794 led to what other treaty in 1795
Spain feared an Anglo-American alliance so they passed the Pickney treaty which would give us free navigation of the Mississippi& disputed territory North of Florida
who were the first 4 presidents
George Washington was president from 1788-1796. and est. the 2 term precedent
John Adams was president from 1796-1800.
Then Jefferson was president from 1800-1808. then, James Madision was president from 1808-1812
what annuled the 1778 (revolutionary war alliance) Franco-American alliance and said that America would pay for damages to American shippers? what was beneficial about it?
The convention of 1800 annuled the treaty of 1778 which allowed us to purchase Louisiana 3 yrs later
what was the Alien act and why was it passed?
the Federalists disliked poor ppl who tended to be immigrants and be pro JDR so residence requirements were raised from 5yrs to 14yrs
what did the sedition Act says
anyone that impeded governemnt policies or spoke libel about the president would be jailed/fined. This was passed by the Federalist majority& set to expire in 1803 so it couldnt be used against them
Matthew Lyon was jailed for what act
Matthew Lyon was jailed for speaking libel about the president. he also spat in the face of a federalist
who advocated rule by the best
-supported a strong central govt.
-mainly merchants/manufacturers
-knew that foreign trade was the key
who supported the Common man
-desired a rule by informed classes& a weaker central govt.
-pro French
Anti-federalists AKA the Jeffersonian Democratic Republicans