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service sector
workers who provide personal services such as education, health care, communication, restaurant meals, legal representation, entertainment, and so forth
care work
face-to-face activity in which one person meets the needs of another who cannot fully care for her or himself
the ability to force a person to do something even against his or her will
the acknowledged right of someone to supervise and control others' behavior
relationship-specific investment
time spent on activities such as childrearing that are valuable only in a person's current relationship
formal sector
the part of a nation's economy that consists of jobs that meet legal standards for minimum wages, are relatively longlasting and secure, include fringe benefits such as contributions to social security or health insurance, often have possiblities for advancement and are sometimes unionized
informal sector
the part of a nation's economy that consists of temporary or casual jobs that sometimes offer illegal subminimum wages and that have little security, little possibility for advancement, and no fringe benefits
role overload
the state of having too many roles with conflicting demands
the fact that stressful events in one part of a person's daily life often spill over into other parts of her or his life
a policy that allows employees to choose, within limits, when they will begin and end their working hours
parental leave
time off from work to care for a child
responsive workplace
a work setting in which job conditions are designed to allow employees to meet their family responsibilites more easily