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Alberti Bass
(refer to pianoforte) instead of having the pitches of a chord sound all together, the notes are played in succession to provide a continual stream of sound
Antonio Salieri
(refer to Mozart) Composer popular at the time of Mozart's life. Said to be a rival in the movie but not true.
comic opera
a genre of opera that originated in the 18th century portraying characters and situations and using spoken dialogue and simple songs
London Symphonies
the 12 symphonies composed by Joseph Hayden for performance in London between 1791 and 1795. (Hayden's last 12 symphonies)
Nikolaus Esterhazy
(refer to Hayden) Patron and benefactor to Hayden
opera buffa
Italian for comic opera. an opera on a light often domestic subject with tuneful melodies, comic situations, and a happy ending.
ex: Mozart's "marriage of figaro"
a large keyboard instrument that creates sounds at various dynamic levels when hammers are struck against strings. Instrument of rising middle class during Classical period
Salzburg (Austria)
birthplace of Mozart
The Magic Flute
comic opera by Mozart. Subject matter relates to the Brotherhood of Freemasons (Masonic ideals) It was his last opera.
The Marriage of Figaro
opera buffa of Mozart's. Written during peak of his popularity in 1787. Subject matter pokes fun at the aristocracy.