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The intermediate region of the foot, consists of 5 bones numbered I-V?
Comprise the distal component of the foot and resemble those of the hand, both in number and arrangement?
The great or big toe is also known as?
All phalanx consists of three phalanges? (proximal,intermediate and distal)T/F
-the great toe and the thumb only have two-
How many arches does the foot consist of?
What are the three functions of the arches of the foot? weight of body
2.provide distribution of body weight over foot
3. provide leverage while walking
Which arch consists of tarsal & metatarsal bones arranged to form the arch from anterior to posterior?
longitudinal arch
What part of the longitudinal arch originates at the calcaneus and rises at the talus?
medial part of the longitudinal arch
Both the lateral and medial arch of the longitudinal arch originate at the talus? T/F
-originate at the calcaneus-
If ligaments and tendons of the foot are weakened, the height of the medial longitudinal arch may fall resulting in what?
Found between the medial and lateral aspects of the foot and is formed by the navicular, three cuneiforms, and the bases of the 5 metatarsals?
transverse arch
A condition in which the medial longitudinal arch is abnormally elevated?
Which is the most frequently fractured wrist bone?
Most commonly applies to a break in the bones associated with the hip joint?
hip fracture
A deformity in which knees are abnormally close together?
A deformity in which the knees are abnormally seperated and the lower limbs are bowed medially?
genu varum
AKA: bowleg
Angulation of the great toe away from the midline of the body, caused by wearing tight-fitted shoes?
Hallux valgus
AKA: bunion
Most lateral bone in the proximal row of carpals?
Articulates with the tibia and fibula?
Articulates with metacarpal II?