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Active Server Pages (ASP)
Microsoft server-side scripting technology. An ASP file is an HTML page with special commands embedded in it.
Space allocated for the storage of a particular item of information. Fields are usually the smallest unit of information in a database. Has several attributes, such as type of data and length or size.
Constitutes a single, complete set of information composed of fields. A record can represent an individual customer, account or other unit.
This is a file or unit in which records are stored.
This is a list of unique identifiers or keys that identify each record.
transaction processing or OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)
Process of updating master files or databases immediately when a financial transaction takes place.
fault tolerance
Ability of a system to respond gracefully to an unexpected hardware or software failure.
In this model, data is stored in a series of related tables.
All data is kept in a single table. Also called a flat file database.
Users and developers can easily define their own types of data called object.
application program interface (API)
Well-documented method that allows programmers to make requests of an operating system or application. Describes what tasks can be performed by a software application, and defines how the programmer must request and structure these tasks.
Java servlet
Small Java services or applications that can be used with a web server.
Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Used to run Java applications on a computer.
Common Object Request Broker Architecture
An architecture designed to allow programs written in different languages to work together, regardless of which operating system they use.
Web database gateway, designed to facilitate server-end database access.
interpreted languages
Need not be compiled. Requires specific software to run called interpreters. Interpreters run scripts by executing one line after another when the script is executed. Examples: Javascript, VBscript.
Server-side scripting language you can embed in HTML pages to dynamic.
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)
Allows a server to work with any SQL-compliant database rather than forcing a DBMS to comply with a standard created by one company.
thin client solution
Uses a web browser to access a database via a web server.
Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI)
A proprietary web server extension that allows the server to execute programs and scripts without the expensive processing associated with CGI.