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Where would you be most likely to find a slime mold?
Dead leaves, rotting logs and other types of decaying material
Where are some places that algae can grow?
water, soil, on the sides of houses, and at the base of trees.They can also grow in boiling water, icy waters and snow.
What are yeasts?
starches that are changed into alcohol and carbon dioxide gas
Name the process in which yeast changes sugars to carbond dioxide and water
How do some liverworts reproduce?
new plants grow from pieces broken off older plants
What is a puffball?
a type of mushroom that looks like a giant softball and can grow up to 60 centimeters in diameter. When a raindrop hitsthe puffball , "smoke" is given off
How do yeasts reproduce?
by forming spores or by budding
Plants that have no transportation tube to carry water and food?
Non vascular plants
What is photosynthesis?
A process where plants use the energy in sunlight to make their own food
What is the largest and most complex algae?
Brown Algae
What is symbiosis?
A relationship in which two different organisms live together
Do fungi perform photosynthesis?
No- because fungi must obtain their food from living or once-living organisms they are heterotrophs
Whatis a lichen?
It is made up of a fungus and an alga that live together
What are hyphae and what do they do?
Threadlike structure of the Fungi kingdom that produce special chemicals called enzymes. The enzymes digest, or break down, the cells of living or dead organisms
What are the structures of mold that make it look cottony?
groups of long hyphae that grow over the surface of bread
The green substance found in plant cells is called what?
What kind of algae are diatoms?
Golden algae
What are parasites?
Organisms that obtain their food from living organisms.
What are four main parts of a mushroom and what does each do?
Cap- part of the fruiting body that contains spores .
Stalk- a stemlike structure that supports the cap
Gills- are the mushroom's spore factories
Ring- found at the top of the stalk
What gives golden algae their color?
from a mixture of orange, yellow, and brown substances in their cells
What are saprophytes?
Fungi that get their food from dead matter
Which algae show bioluminescence?
Fire Algae