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anterior chamber
fluid-filled space between cornea and iris
aqueous humor
watery liquid secreted at the ciliary body that fills the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye and provides nourishment for the cornea, iris, and lens
canal of Schlemm
duct in the anterior chamber that carries filtered aqueous humor to the veins and bloodstream
vascular layer beneath the sclera that provides nourishment to outer portion of the retina
ciliary body
ring of muscle behind the peripheral iris that controls the focusing shape of the lens
ciliary muscle
smooth muscle portion of the ciliar body, which contracts to assist in near vision capability
ciliary processes
epithelial tissue folds on the inner surface of the ciliary body that secrete aqueous humor
mucous membrane that lines the eyelids and outer surface of the eyeball
transparent, anterior part of the eyeball convering the iris, pupil, and anterior chamber that functions to refract (bend) light to focus a visual image
eyelid (palpebra)
movable protective fold that opens and closes, covering the eye
fovea centralis
pinpoint depression in the center of the macula lutea that is the site of sharpest vision
fundus (base)
interious surface of the eyeball incl. the retina, optic disc, macula, and posterior pole (curvature at the back of the eye)
glands of Zeis
oil glands surrounding the eyelashes
colored circle; colored part of the eye located behind the cornea that contracts and diates to regulate light passing thru the pupil
lacrimal gland
gland located in the upper outer region above the eyeball that secretes tears