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Cavities in certain cranial and facial bones near the nasal cavity?
paranasal sinuses
Which DOES NOT contain paranasal sinuses?
A. ethmoid
B. frontal
C. vomer
D. sphenoid
C. Vomer
Which is TRUE about paranasal sinuses?
A. produce mucus
B. resonate sound
C. all the above
D. none of the above
C. All the above
The hyoid bone is suspended from the styloid process of the temporal bones? T/F
What are the three characteristics of the hyoid bone?
1. body
2. lesser wings
3. greater wings
Also called the spine, or backbone;composed of a series of bones called vertebrae?
vertebral column
Total number of vertebrae during early development?
Total number of vertebrae in adults?
The cervical and lumbar curves are concave? T/F
-they are convex-
The thoracic and sacral curves are concave? T/F
Which is NOT a function of the vertebral column?
A. absorbs shock
B. increases strength
C. helps maintain balance
D. holds nutrients (minerals)
E. protects vertebrae from fracutre
D. holds nutrients (minerals)
What two curves are considered PRIMARY CURVES?
A. thoracic/sacral
B. cervical/lumbar
C. lumbar/thoracic
D. sacral/cervical
A. Thoracic/Sacral
A primary curve is called that b/c?
they form first during fetal development
A secondary curve is called that b/c?
they begin to form several months after birth.
Found b/t the bodies of adjacent vertebrae from the second cervical vertebrae to the sacrum?
Intervertebral discs