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The segment joining the centers of the two bases
Axis of a Cylinder
The circular face of a cone
Base of a Cone
The polygonal face that is opposite the vertex
Base of the Pyramid
An edge that is part of the base of a pyramid; each lateral face has one edge in common with the base
Base edge of a pyramid
A three-dimensional figure that consists of a circular base and a curved lateral surface that connects the base to a single point not in the plane of the base, called the vertex
A solid that consists of a circular region and its translated image in a parallel plane with a lateral surface connecting the circles
The edges of the lateral faces of a polyhedron that are not edges of either base
Lateral edges of a prism
The faces of a prism or pyramid that are not bases
Lateral faces
The curved surface of a cylinder or cone
Lateral surface
A cone that is not a right cone
Oblique Cone
A prism that has at least one nonrectangular lateral face
Oblique Prism
A polyhedron that consists of a polygonal region and its translated image in a parallel plane, with quadrilateral faces connecting the corresponding edges
A polyhedron in which all but one of the polygonal faces intersect at a single point known as the vertex.
A pyramid whose base is a regular polygon and whose lateral faces are congruent isosceles triangles
Regular Pyramid
In a regular pyramid, the length of an altitude of a lateral face
Slant Height
The set of points in space that are equidistant from a given point known as the center