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What is the Albany Plan of Union?
A Plan that called for the colonies to unite for the first time under a president, general, and a grand council.
What was it called when the soldiers fired into an angry mob in Boston, killing Crispus Attucks, and the others
The Boston Massacre
What is the Boston Tea Party?
It is A group of colonists dressed as Indians that dumped more than 340 chests of tea into the Boston Harbor to protest tea tax.
What was it called when the Massachusetts House of Representitives approved its creation to help unite protestors?
Committees of Correspondence
Who is Daniel Boone?
A Frontier explorer who fought in the French and Indian War and helped to settle present day Kentucky.
Who met to sew, support boycotts, and discuss political issues?
The Daughters of Liberty
___________ is the Commander of the British forces in North America.
Edward Braddock
Who is George Grenville?
A British Prime Minister who proposed the Stamp Act to Parliament in 1765.
What act was passed by the Parliament in 1774 to shut down Boston Harbor until the cost of tea destroyed in Boston Harbor was repaid.
The Intolerable Acts.
Who is James Otis?
A Boston Lwyer who was one of the first colonists to discuss the issue of unfairtaxation in an essay attacking the Sugar Act.
What British General made a daring attack on Quebec and gave the British the advantage in the war against France.
James Wolfe
__________ was a woman who wrote crucial essays, opems, and plays criticizing the Britsh government's actions.
Mercy Otis Warren
Who is Metacomet?
Chief Massasoit's son who distrusted and disliked the English colonists, because they treated their Indian neighbors poorly and were greedy for more land. AKA as King Philip to the colonists because he compared to King Charles the II.
________ presented a series of resoltions to the House of Burgesses to repeal the Stamp Act.
Patrick Henry
Who is Pontiac.
Ottawa tribal chief who called on Indians to drive out the white settlers and give up all European practices.
What is Pontiac's Rebellion
It is when Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa Tribe called on Indians to drive out the white settlers and give up all european practices.
Why was the Proclamation of 1763 made?
It was made to avoid more loss of life after Pontiac's Rebellion, British banned any further British settlement west of the Appalachian Mountains.
Who are the Sons of Liberty?
Secret Societies who sometimes used violence to frighten tax collectors.
________ required colonists to pay for an official stamp, or seal, whenevr they bought paper items.
Stamp Act
What 1764 act set duties on molasses and sugar imported by colonists?
Sugar Act
What is the Tea Act?
An Act that the Parliament passed in 1773 to give the British East India COmpany permission to sell it's tea directly to the colonists and generate more tax revenue.
____________ was passed by the Parliament in 1767; placed duties on imported glass, lead, paints, paper, and tea. Revenue used by British to pay military expenses and salaries of colonial governors.
TOwnshend Acts
What is the Backcountry?
Frontier region between coastal settlemants and Appalachian Mountains.
What is it called when you refuse to do buisness with an individual or a company?
A Boycott
Who are Casualties?
Someone injured or killed or capture or missing in a military engagement.
What is a militia?
Civilians serving as soldiers.
Who were the first to settle in an area?
__________ gives information and ideas published to support one side of a controversy.
What is a repeal?
1. Annual by recalling or rescinding
2. Abolish
What are the Writs of Assistance?
Special Search Warrants that allowed tax collectors to search for smuggles goods.