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an extra sum of money that borrowers have to repay creditors in return for the loan
strict construction
gov. cannot do anything the constitution does not specifically say it can do
loose construction
gov. can do anything that the constitution does not say it cannot do
political party
group of people who seek to win elections and hold public office in order to control gov. policy and programs
Thomas Jefferson
a firm believer in the people and decentralized power; reduced the federal gov.
Alexander Hamilton
federalist; first secretary of the treasury, loved taxes
John Jay
sent to make a treaty with the british because the trade was really bad, but the treated sucked. It had too much to do with the British.
John Adams
worked to relieve increasing tensions with France; lost reelection to Jefferson
A state's refusal to recognize a federal law
John Marshall
Chief Justice of the supreme court appointed by John Adams; set precedents that established vital powers of the federal courts
Departments that a make up a large organization, such as a gov.
Aaron Burr
vice president; rival of Jefferson, Killed Hamilton in a duel, it was over for him
louisiana purchase
Purchase by the U.S. of the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803.
Process by which people of one culture merge into and become part of another culture.
Lewis and Clark
Goal was to search for river routes to the western ocean, make contact with the Native Amercians living in the territory, and gather info about the region's natural resources.
Policy of forcing people into military or public service.
Frances Scott Key
a lawyer who wrote the star spangled banner
James Monroe
was sent to Paris by Jefferson to buy the city of New Orleans
Restriction on trade.
areas set aside by the federal gov. for the Native Americans who lost their homeland.
tax on foreign goods imported into a country