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sexual identity
a set of sexual practices and attitudes that lead to the formation in a person's mind of an identity as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual
social constructionist perspective
(on sexuality) the belief that human sexuality is entirely socially constructed
integrative perspective
(on sexuality) the belief that human sexuality is determined by both social and biological factors
passionate love
the sexually charged attraction that occurs at the start of many love relationships
companionate love
the affection and partnership felt in a love relationship of long duration
extramarital sex
sexual activity by a married person with someone other than his or her spouse
sexual monogamy
the state of having just one sex partner
nonmarital birth ratio
the proportion of all births that occur to unmarried women
selection effect
the principle that whenever individuals sort, or "select", themselves into groups nonrandomly, some of the differences among the groups reflect preexisting differences among the individuals
Kinsey Report
a 1948 book by zoology professor Alfred Kinsey detailing the results of thousands of interviews with men about their sexual behavior
Stonewall riot
the 1969 riot to which many writers date the emergence of the gay political movement
a disease, caused by the HIV, that leaves the body unable to fight against disease
the virus that causes AIDS