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-Napoleon made a number of changes throughout the German speaking lands
-reaction: Congress of Vienna met in 1815, made more and different changes
-no regard was given to the different people living in that area
Otto Von Bismarck
-played key role in German unification
-was a junker, a political party
-came from a noble land owning family
-served as a diplomat in Russia and France
-ideology was based on Realpolitik
Bismarck becomes chancellor by King William I
-the idea that political decisions are made according to the ideas of the state
-regardless if they are easy or good for everybody
-Bismarck made an alliance with Austria
-One of three wars
-Austria took Holstein
-Prussia took Schleswig
-Austrio-Prussian War
-Prussia would go to war with Austria
-orchastrated by Bismarck
-lasted 7 weeks, Prussia wins
-war over land
-result: Bismarck dissolved the German confederation,led by Austria, created the North German Confederation
-doesn't force anything on Austria
-left some southern states independent
-allowed no one to seek revenge against Prussia