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mos, moris m.
custom; pl. character
posterus, a, um
next, following
it was decided
ne quis
that no one
enuntio, are, avi, atus
to reveal, divulge
patres, patrum m. pl.
eo magis adv.
all the mroe
dixit actum esse
he said that there had been a debate
utrum... an... conj.
whether... or...
should have
trepidans, trepidantis
in a panic
caterva, ae f.
potius quam
rather than
ago, agere, egi, actus
to do, drive; here, to discuss, debate
profero, proferre, protuli, prolatus irreg.
to carry forward, continue
urgeo, urgere, ursi
to press, insist
fides, fidei f.
good faith, reliability, trust
ingenium, i n.
intelligence, ingenuity
consultum, i n.
cognomen, cognominis n.
surname (third or fourth name of a Roman)
honoris causa
for the sake of an honour, as an honour
praebeo, ere, ui, itus
to display, show