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What wine dominates the S Rhone?
Chateauneuf du Pape
What is the predominant varietal in S Rhone?
Grenache, all though there are 13 varietals permitted.
From what did the Chateauneuf du Pape subdistrict get its name from?
Ruined summer palace of a 14th century Pope.
what are the small stones found around the Chateauneuf du Pape subdistrict known as?
Gallettes or pudding stones.
Gallettes serve many purposes, what are they?
help to drain the ground, act as storage heaters to warm the vines at night, and also prevent the soil underneath from drying out.
What are the varietals that can be used in CDP wines?
nearly all red, and are made of blends of up to 13 different variteals. Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Counoise, and Mourvedre, bourboulenc, clairette, Picardan, Picpoul, Roussanne, Terret Noir and Vaccarese.
What are the most important grapes for CDP wines?
Grenache, the most important, Syrah, Cinsault, Counoise, and Mourvedre.
What is the min abv for CDP wines?
CDP bottles that have an embossed symbol of 2 crossed keys means what?
wine from one of the best estates, and sometimes need up to 20 years of aging.
What producer is known for using all if not most of the allowed varietals of CDP?
Chateau Beaucastel. Complex blend of 30% Grenache plus most if not all of the other 12.
Chateau Rayas, is known for what varietals in its CDP?
100% Grenache
What 2 estates are known as the top two in CDP according to Brian Julian?
Chateau Beaucastel
Chateau Rayas
What are the modern white CDP's made from?
Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Roussanne and many others and are dry with a good acid content
What is the allowe blend of Gigondas AC?
80% Grenache in its red and rose blends, with a min of 15% Syrah and Mourvedre and some other varietals.
Gigondas is known to be similar to what other S Rhone wine?
What is the min abv of Gigondas red wines?
What is the varietal allowance for Vacqueras AC?
Min of 50% grenache in the red and rose blends. very small quantity of white is made
Where is the Cotes du Ventoux AC located?
Large district between the Cotes du Rhone aAC and the Cotes du Luberon AC.
Cotes du Ventoux is known to produce what?
whites and roses, the reds, which are lighter than normal Rhone wines, are the best of these, followed by the roses
What AC is the only French AC that is for rose wines only?
Tavel AC
What are the predominant varietals of Tavel AC?
Grenache and Cinsault followed by Mourvedre and Picpoul are the main. but a total of 10 permitted, none of which can exceed 60%.
what is the max abv for Tavel ?
13.5%, strong dry rose
What is the color character of Tavel wines?
onion skin color, pelure d'oignon.
Does Lirac AC produce red, white and rose wines?
Lirac roses are compared to what AC known for roses?
Tavel AC
Lirac reds are made from what varietals?
Min 40% Grenache plus 25% of Mourvedre and Syrah, rest are Cote du Rhone varietals. small quantity of whites made.