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What are civil rights?
basic rights afforded to those groups who have been discriminated by the gov.
What does equal protection cover?
Race, Gender, Age, Disabilities
What is the largest minority in the US?
What percentage of the population do hispanics make up?
What is the second largest minority?
Af. Am.
What percentage of the population do a.a.s make up?
Is the word Equality in the constitution?
Under what amendment is the word equality implied?
What did the 14th amendment do?
Greatly expand power and size of the national government
What are the civil war amendments?
What periods comprise the Civil Rights Movement?
Slavery through 1865, Reconstruction and segregation period (Jim Crow) through 1953, modern Civil Rights Movement from 1954 to the present
What did Dred Scott v. Sandford do?
1857 Slaves were chattel and had no rights. Congress could not bar slavery in the western territories.
What court ruling invalidated the Missouri compromise?
Dred Scott v. Sanford
Which amendment ended slavery in 1865?
When was the era of separate but equal? Which court case established this principle?
1896-1954, Plessy v. Ferguson
What did Brown v. Board of Education do?
1954 Segregation violated the 14th amendment's "equal protection" clause
When did desegregation begin?
What event signifies the beginning of desegregation?
Little Rock, Arkansas Central High School incident
What does ex post facto mean?
After the fact
What does de facto mean?
in reality
What does de jure mean?
by law
What did Rosa Parks do?
Started the civil rights movement by refusing to give her seat up on a bus.
What strategy did civil rights activists use in the modern Civil Rights movement?
Non-violent civil disobedience strategies like sit-ins, marches, boycotts. etc.
During what era was Warren's court active?
What is the Warren court known for?
civil rights legislation, judicial activism
Who was originally supposed to deal with moral issues?
The states.
What things did the civil rights act of 1964 contain?
Promoting voting rights, promoting access to public facilities, and open housing- prohibited federal funds to go to schools to discriminate, discrimination was made illegal in hotels and employment, the EEOC was created.
What is the EEOC?
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission- monitored and enforced protections against job discrimination.
What did the EEOC initiate?
lawsuits to desegregate public schools and facilities and sue employers for discrimination
What act was used to ban gender discrimination in employment?
The 1964 Civil Rights Act
What did the voting rights act of 1964 do?
grandfather clause, 24th amendment (eliminating poll tax)
What are two techniques used to discriminate?
white primaries and the grandfather clause
Which group of people were known for discrimination?
Southern Democrats
What did the Guinn v. US in 1915 do?
Outlawed the Grandfather Clause
What did the case, Smith v. Allwright in 1944 do??
It outlawed white primaries
When were poll taxes abolished?
1964 24th amendment
What did Harper v. Virginia State Board of Education do?
1966 voided poll taxes in state elections
What did Swann v. Charlotte Mecklenberg (1971) do?
required schools to bus to achieve desegregation
What did affirmative action do?
increase opp. for minorities and move towards equal results
What is reverse discrimination?
impacts individuals who are blameless and are unfaily penalized in favor of less qualified individuals through hiring or admittance to ed. or training programs
What happened in Regents of U. of Cali. v. Bakke?
(1978) made quotas unconstitutional
What happened in adarand constructors v. pena?
federal programs that classify people by race are unconstitutional. limited aff. action
Who is the first feminist?
Abigail Adams
What does coverture mean?
laws that denied married women a separate identity
what is the 19th amendment?
women get the right to vote