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"Supply side economics"
"Tight money"
initiated by federal reserve uder carter
Youge urban professionals,
Window of Vulnerability
justified massive 2 trillion expenditures in arms race
Walter Mondale
1984 democrat opponent of Reagan
Strategic Defense Initiative
stars wars, laser to shoot down nukes. Reagan's Kremlin trump card
Geraldine Ferraro
congresswomen of NY 1st female running for VP
Mikhail Gorbachev
new soviet leader radical reforms
Corazon Aquino
Reagan helped CA out dictator for Philippines
Ferdinand Marcos
ex Filipino dictator
"openness" be less secret
"restructuring" revive economy
INF treaty
banned all intermediate range nuclear missiles from Europe
scandal, money was going to contras against congress
women's right to vote
Oliver North
"Ollie" America's favorite traitor, helped Reagan commit felonies destroyed evidence
John Poindexter
advisor of Reagan' s defense, foreign polic, national security
Caspar Weinberger
US sec of defense involved in SDI and Iran-Contra scandal
Sandra Day O'Conner
conservative judge 1st women to ascend to bench
Norma McCarvey
Wards' Cove Packing v. Antonia and Martin v. Wilks 1989
more difficult to prove and employer practiced racial discrimination
Roe v. Wade 1973
Supreme court prohidited states from interfering with a womens abortion decisions
Webster v. Reproductive health services 1992
compromised Roes protection of abortion rights
Planned Parenthood v. Casey 1992
states restrict acess to abortion if "no undue burden on women"
Savings and loan institutuions
Reagan used 500 million dolllars to rescue the S and L
Robert Bork
Reagan's ultraconservative nominee for supreme court
Edwin Meese
attorney general accused of influence peddling
Gary Hart
demo nom for 1988 charges of sexual misconduct
Jesse Jackson
black demo nominee lost"rainbow coalition" of minorites
Micheal Dukakis
no emotion democart lost to Bush senor 1988