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adipose [ĂD-ĭ-pōs]
Fatty; relating to fat
ceruminous [sĕ-RŪ-mĭn-ŭs] glands
Glands that secrete a waxy substance on the surface of the ear.
corium [KŌ-rē-ŭm]
Layer of skin beneath the epidermis containing blood vessels, nerves, and some glands; dermis
dermis [DĔR-mĭs]
Layer of skin beneath the epidermis
eccrine [ĔK-rĭn] glands
Sweat glands that occur all over the body, except where the apocrine glands occur.
exocrine [ĔK-sō-krĭn] glands
Glands that secrete toward the outside of the body. Exo- + crine
hair root
Portion of the hair beneath the skin surface
hypodermis [hī-pō-DĔR-mĭs]
Subcutaneous skin layer; layer below the dermis. Hypo- + dermis
keratin [KĔR-ă-tĭn]
Hard, horny protein that forms nails and hair
melanin [MĔL-ă-nĭn]
Pigment produced by melanocytes that determines skin, hair, and eye color.
sebaceous [sĕ-BĀ-shŭs] glands
Glands in the dermis that open to hair follicles and secrete sebum
squamous epithelium [SKWĂ-mŭs ĕp-ĭ-THĒ-lē-ŭm]
Flat, scaly layer of cells that makes up the epidermis
stratum corneum [KŌR-nē-ŭm]
Top sublayer of the epidermis
subcutaneous [sŭb-kyū-TĀ-nē-ŭs] layer
Bottom layer of the skin containing fatty tissue.
apocrine [ĂP-ō-krĭn] glands
Glands that appear during and after puberty and secrete sweat, as from the armpits. Greek apo-krino, to separate.
collagen [KŎL-lă-jĕn]
Substance that forms connective tissue in the body
cuticle [KYŪ-tĭ-kl]
Thin band of epidermis that surrounds the edge of nails, except at the top.
diaphoresis [DĪ-ă-fō-RĒ-sĭs]
Excretion of fluid by the sweat glands; sweating.
epidermis [ĕp-ĭ-DĔRM-ĭs]
Outer portion of the skin containing several strata. Epi- + dermis
hair follicle [FŎL-ĭ-kl]
Tubelike sac in out of which the hair shaft develops.
integument [ĭn-TĔG-yū-mĕnt]
Skin and all the elements that are contained within and arise from it.
lunula (pl. lunulae) [LŪ-nū-lă (LŪ-nū-lē)]
Half-moon shaped area at the base of the nail plate
melanocyte [MĔL-ă-nō-sīt]
Cell in the epidermis that produces melanin. Melano- + cyte
papillary [PĂP-ĭ-lār-ē] layer
Sublayer of the dermis
reticular [rĕ-TĬK-yū-lăr] layer
Bottom sublayer of the dermis.
sebum [SĒ-bŭm]
Oily substance, usually secreted into the hair follicle
stratum (pl. strata) [STRĂT-ŭm (STRĂ-tă)]
Layer of tissue, especially a layer of the skin
stratum germinativum [jĕr-mĭ-NĀT-ĭ-vŭm]
Bottom sublayer of the epidermis
sweat glands
Coiled glands of the skin that secrete perspiration to regulate body temperature and excrete waste products
dermatology [dĕr-mă-TŎL-ō-jē]
Medical specialty that deals with diseases of the skin. Dermato- + -logy