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Acts as an interace between the database and the various application program
database management system
describes the physical location and layout of records used in an application program
record layout
How users and programmers conceptually organizes and understands the data
logical view
how the data are physically arranged and stored in the computer system
a ____ schema describes the logical structure of a database. Has three levels
_____ - level schema is the organization wide view of the entire database
_____ - level schema consists of a set of individual user views of portions of the database
_____ - level schema provides a low level view of the datbase. How the data are astored and accessed
a _______ contains information about the structure of the database
data dictionary
contain a power, easy to use, set of commands that enable users to satisfy information needs
data query language
a abstract representation of the contents of a database
data model
each row in a relation is call a ___
attribute, or combination of attributes, that uniquely identifies a specific row in a table.
primary key
attribute in a table that is a primary key in another table
secondary key
when changes to data values are not correctly recorded, it is called a _______
update anomaly
error when such that no way to store information about prospective customers until they actually make a purchase
insert anomaly
when row in table is deleted accidentally
delete anomaly
requires of a relational database
1. every column in a row must be single valued
2. primary keys cannot be null
3. foreign keys, if not null, must have values that correspond to a value of a primary key in another table
4. all nonkey attributes in a table describe a characteristic identified by a primary key
the assumption that everything is initially stored in one large table. A set of rules is then followed to decompose that initial table
_____ modeling uses knowledge about how business processes typically work to design the database.