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London Economic conference
-attack ag global depression
-stabailze the currencies and the rates at which they could be exchanged
***FDR didnt send delegates so it fell apart
Tydings Mcduffie Act 1934
ind for Filipinos by 1946
Reciprocal Trade Ag 1934
relief and recovery
*If US lowered the tariff, then the other country would do the same
*Pres could lower the tariff as much as 50%
Johnson Debt Default
debt dodging nations could not borrow money from the US
Neutrality Acts
1935, 36,37
When the Pres proclaimed the existance of a war, certain restrictions would automatically go into effect
*No Am could sail on a belliegerent ship, sell or transport munitions to a belliegerent, or make loans to a belliegerent
Neutrailty Act of 1937
lifted the arm embargo ag Br and Fr
Neutrality Act of 1939
Cash and Carry
Havana Conf
US agreed with its 20 New World neighbors to uphold the Monroe Doctrine
Lend Lease Bill
Am arms could be lent or leased to the democracies that needed them
Atlantic Charter
FDR & Churchill
*rights of people to choose their own form of gov