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What are the professional fields often cited that you might want to consider for a career? 13
1) Applied behavior analysis
2) Behavior social work
3) Behavioral sports psychology
4) Behavioral Medicine
5) Behavioral Developmental Disabilities
6) Behavioral Special Education
7) Behavioral School Psychology
8) Behavioral Clinical Psychology
9) Behavioral Community Psychology
10) Behavioral Counseling Psychology
11) Experimental Analysis of Behavior
12) Organizational Behavioral Analysis (Behavior industrial/organizational psychology)
13) Behavioral Pharmacology
What is true of these fields?
There is great overlap among them and they're all relevant to the mother field of behavior analysis.

(e.g. studies relevant to behavioral special education are also relevant to behavioral school psychology)
What are the subfields of Behavior Analysis?
-Experimental Analysis of behavior
-Applied Behavior Analysis
What is good training to deal with any of the problems dealt with by professionals?
A graduate degree in behavior analysis.

(The exception might be working in public school systems, where you need a degree in Spec Ed or School Psych)
What is the compatability between most traditional programs and behavior analysis?
They are incompatible.
What is the "main thrust" in traditional school psychology, traditional clinical psychology, and traditional industrial/organizational psychology?
Psychodiagnostics (relegate the role of the psychologist to that of a mere test giver, who purports to measure a person's "personality," "intelligence," "mental health," and "aptitude"
What does most testing do?
More harm than good

(fatalistially labeling people limits their future opportunities)
What did Ivar Lovaas have to do in order to help autistic children?
Ignore the predictions, theory, and philosophy of traditional psychology and psychodiagnostics;

use the principles of behavior
When is testing a necessary evil?
-Many human-services job require that you be certified as an M.A. Limited License Psychology or a Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist (which require grad courses in testing)
How effective are traditional talk-therapy interventions?
Not very; they are too minimal;

few serious psychological, sociological, educational, behavioral problems can be fixed with an hour's advice once a week
What is the general, unstated assumption behind talk therapy?
That there is no problem that a little insight and a little plausible-sounding advice can't fix.
What is "baseline" usually a name for?
Traditional approaches
Why doesn't eclecticism work?
Trying to sample traditional and behavioral approaches doesn't work because you've not committed yourself enough to any one approach to attain the level of expertise needed to be an effective professional
What is needed before treading the dangerous swamps of traditional psychology?
A Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis
What should you do if you think behavior analysis is the way to go?
Get at least an MA and ideally a Ph.D. in some form of behavior analysis
Where should you look for grad programs? (6 places)
1) Ask the teacher of this course.
2) Association for Behavior Analysis' (ABA) web page (Directory of Grad Training Programs in Behavior Analysis)
3) Look through references in Principles of Behavior for authors whose work you like
4) ABA's annual conference
5) E-mail Dick Malott
6) The list of good programs in Ch 30
What is probably the world's best undergrad program and the world's most thorough and broad set of behaviorally oriented grad programs?
Western Michigan University
Where is the most outstanding applied behavior analysis research department in the world located?
University of Kansas
Which university has a close-knit faculty and a family feel?
Ohio State University
What are four other universitys with good M.A. and Ph.D programs?
-Auburn University
-West Virginia University
-University of Nevada, Reno
-University of Florida
Which university with a good MA program sponsors the March conference of the Behavior Analysis Assoc. of Michigan?
Eastern Michigan University
What are 3 other university with good MA programs?
-University of North Texas
-University of Cali, L.A.
-University of South Florida
What 7 (?) universities have ABA approved programs?
1) California State Uni, LA
2) Ohio State University
3) Southern Illinois University
4) St. Cloud State
5) University of North Texas
6) Western Michigan University
What are some good international programs?
-Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
-Pontifical Catholic Uni of Sao Paulo, Brazil
-Simon Bolivar Uni, Caracas, Venezuela
What can you do with a BA degree in Behavior Analysis that you may not be able to do with other degrees in psychology?
Get a job using what you learned as an undergrad;

if you are willing to relocate, it is easy to find a job in human services, esp working with developmentally disabled
What are two universities with undergrad programs in behavior analysis?
1) Western Michigan University
2) University of North Texas
What level of degree is the sweet spot?
Intermediate (M.A., M.S.W., Ed. S)
What do you typically begin doing in MA jobs?
Begin by designing programs for clients;

after a year or two in human services, you may be training and supervising those who work directly with clients;

you might also be able to get a job teaching at a community college
When should you get a Ph.D.?
If you're in the top 25% of your exams in your MA courses or if you want to do research or teach in a 4-year college or university
What have MA holders in organizational behavior management (OBM) done during the economic recession?
Taking a few courses in professional psychology and autism so they can get a job in human services;

many, many jobs for behavior analysts working with mentally handicapped and autistic
What programs are the hardest to get into?
APA approved, Ph.D. Clinical psychology programs at major universities;

there is now a huge supply of Ph.D. clinicians exceeding demand and insurance companies want cheaper treatment
What are alternatives to a clinical Ph.D. program?
-Clinical MA programs
-Behavior analysis programs
-Experimental psychology programs
-Experimental analysis of behavior programs
-applied behavior analysis
Which type of clinicians have an easier time getting a job than Ph.D. clinicians?
MA clinicians
What are areas from which MA graduates from Behavior analysis programs have received job offers?
-Designing and supervising the implementation of behavioral programs
-Working with families of abused and neglected children
-Carrying out in-home programs for children with autism
-Training and supervising in-home trainers for children with autism
-Developing performance management systems in business and industry
-Designing instructional materials for private vendors
-Designing and implementing behavior management programs in public schools
-Animal training and management for zoos
What are 5 ways to find job listings?
-E-mail Dick Malott
-Ask the teacher of the course
-Go to the ABA convention
-ABA newsletter
-ABA's job placement service
Why should you become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (MA req) or Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BA req)?
Certification has been a major help in getting a job because employers are impressed with the national credential?
What are the two things that students screw up the most?
1) GPA
-many schools have minimum of 3.0, some have min 3.5 - 3.8
2) GRE (Graduate record exam)
What should you do about a low GPA?
1) Retake ANY course in which you got a grade lower than a C
2) Retake any psych courses with a grade lower than a B
** Do these even if you have to delay graduating
3) Plot a graph of your GPA by semester
-if you show improvement, include the graph and a brief explanation with you bio statement in your application
What should you do about a low GRE score?
1) Get a GRE training book and review it briefly
2) Take the GRE (for real or practice)
-if you do as well as you need, take the real version right away
-if you don't, get prep manuals and computer programs and put in the 150 hours of self-study
What should you minor in?
-Practical or technical writing
-Math up through college algebra and finite math
-Retake all writing and math courses in which you got less than a B
-General business
-Social work
-Career specific
-Behavior analysis courses
What type of experience should you get?
-Get as many semesters of experience as you can doing applied behavior analysis

-Help your professors with research projects

-TA for a Principles of Behavior course
What's the most important for getting into grad school?
What should you do on May 1, right after your junior year?
Prepare for the GRE;

spend four hours a day studying for the next 3 or 4 months
June 1, after your junior year
Find the grad program you want to apply to.

-ABA grad school listings
-Principles of Behavior and professors
-ABA convention
July 1, after your junior year
Contact grad schools and request info and app forms;

apply to five or six, including one or two you know you will get into
August 1, after your junior year
Apply for the GRE
October 1, Your senior year
Take the GRE;

keep logging in review in the days before the exam
Nov. 1, Your Senior Year
Retake the GRE if needed
Dec. 1, Your Senior Year
Ask your professors to write your letters of recommendation;

best to ask professors who taught the most relevant psych classes;

give them all the forms, envelopes, etc at the same time
What else should you give a professor who is writing a letter of recommendation for you?
-A photo of yourself
-A list of courses you took from them
-The dates of the courses
-Who the TAs were
-The grade you got
-A copy of your transcipt
-A copy of the personal or biographical statement
-A list of schools to which you are applying and their deadlines
Dec. 15, your senior year
Submit your application to the grad program you're interested in;

included biographical statement:
-relevant experience
-relevant courses
-improvement in grades (w/graph)
-professional goals
-why you really want to go to that particular grad program
Dec. 15, your senior year
Follow up on letters of recommendation
Dec. 20, your senior year
Make sure you've turned in your applications
Feb 1, your senior year
Send your professors a thank you note
March 1 - April 1 your senior year
Tell you profs what grad schools accepted you and which one you accepted;

if none did, call your professor and figure out where to go from there
-BA level job in behavior analysis
-retake undergrad courses
-do better on the GRE
-find an MA program with vacancies
Sept 1, Right after you graduate
Star grad school;

do not take a year off to get experience