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arm-swing rule
gentle sweep of a semicircle motion of clear space in front of you using the length of space from your elbow to your fingettips.
being focused and the ability to pay attention
effective learning space
space where concentration comes easily and more learning occurs.
ineffective learning space
space that causes you to waste time and makes learning difficult.
learning environment
combination of influences that are present while you are learning or working
learning influences
something that affects how well you concentrate while trying to learn
mental learning environment
what your mind thinks about while you are studying which includes your attitude, how you feel, and what you are thinking about.
mind wandering
momentary lack of mental concentration or focus
physical learning space
place where you choose to read and study
how your body feels
Identify the influences that affect your concentration
answers will vary
Understand the effects of mind wandering
not productive, breaks your concentration, slows down and interrupts your learning process, ultimately affects your ability to understand the information you are trying to comprehend
Identify the makeup of an effective physical learning environment so you can make better choices for improving your concentration while learning.
1 - as little clutter as possible
2 - good lighting
3 - feed your body right
4 - don't eat or drink while studying
5 - comfortable temperature
6 - listen to your own thoughts
7 - listen to Mozart
8 - turn off the television
Identify the makeup of an effective mental learning environment so you can make better choices for improving your concentration while learning.
1 - develop positive self-talk
2 - become aware of your physiology
3 - get 8 hours sleep/night
4 - learn at your peak times of day
How can you learn how to increase your concentration?
By being aware of and choosing the appropriate physical and mental learning environment.