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why did Emilio Aguinaldo lead the Filipinos in a rebellion against us in 1899?
they believed they would receive their independence so when they didnt they rebelled. IT was broken in 1901 when Aguinaldo was captured
In what year did John hay, secretary of state dispatch the Open Door note
when were the Filipinos given their independence?
July 4, 1946
when/where did the Boxers rebellion take place?
It took place in Beijing, China in 1900. At the end of it the powers made china pay 333 million and the US received 18 million of it
who won in the election of 1900
McKinley won with TR as his VP
why did McKinley feel that he needed a Central American isthmus
during the war the warships had to go all around South America to join the fleet in Cuba. It would be easier to defend recent acquisitions thru this method.
what treaty annuled the Clayton-Bulwer treaty of 1850
Hay-Pauncefote treaty of 1901
Hay-Bunau-Varilla treaty
widened the area for the canal for 15 million
Tr feared violations of the Monroe doctrine so he passed what doctrine
The Roosevelt Corollary that he said the US would intervene on anothers country's behalf to help them pay off debts owed
What is the Root-Tahkira Agreement
Japan and the us pledge to respect each others territorial possessions in the Pacific and uphold the Open Door in China
Wealth AGainst commonwealth was written by who and what did it say
It was written by Henry Demarest LLoyd who, in 1894, exposed the corruption of the monopoly, Standard oil company
What did Thorstein Velblen criticize in the his book?
In his book The Theory of the Leisure class in 18999 he criticizes the newly rich
who wrote How the Other Half Lives? what was it about
Jacob A. Riis wrote How the Other half Lives and it was about the slums
What did Lincoln Steffens expose in his book "Shame of the Cities"
corrupt alliance between government and business
who wrote an expose on standard oil
Ida B. Wells
what was Following the Color line about?
It was written by ray Stannard Baker who wrote about black illiteracy.
who tested the efficiency of medical treatments on himself?
Dr. Harvey Wiley
what was the 17th amendment
direct election of senators
what was the 18th amendment
who is elected in 1904