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diphenoxylate (lomotil) is not likely to be abused for its opioid properties because it
contains atropine
the nurse would expect the patient to begin vomiting shortly after administering
syrup of ipecac
some antacids are also marketed as nutritional supplements by claining to proved daily amt. of what mineral?
patients receiving ____ are prone to developing peptic uslcers
the most common site for peptic ulcer is the
lower stomach
what helps neutralize stomach acid
antacids such as mom, tums, rolaid, amphojel, maalox, mylanta
the majority of peptic ulcers are caused by
infection by helicobacgter pylori, family hx, blood group O, beverages and food containing caffeine, (drugs: aspirin, nsaids, glucocorticisteroods,)and stress
what drugs are used to treat heliocobacter pylori?
pepto bismol, flagyl, tetracycline, or pepcid, zantac, tagament,
or nexium ,prevacid, prilosec, protonix
what is the uceration in the lower small intestine?
crohns disease
what ulcerative colitis is found in _______ intestine
gastric ulcers are found in the
what are some pt. teaching when antacids are administered?
take between meals and bedtime.
when taken with h-2 antagonists they should be taken 1 hour apart (antacid first)
when instruting pt. in taking h-2 antagonist what should you tell them.
give at bedtime when acid secretion is at its peak

watch for dizziness, drowsiness, confusino and headache in elderly

and this drug may lead to
b-12 deficiency
the pt. demonstrates an understandign of pancrelipase when she states
i will take this medication with meals and stay on a low cal. diet.
the pt. on sibutramine (meridia) must be assessed for
hypertension and tachycardia
you should avoid what foods when taking amphgel
choloate cake, hot chocolate, and cafiene