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infectious disease
any diseas casued by the growht of pathogenic microorganisms which may be spread from person to person
mircoorganisms capable of producing disease, such as bacteria and viruses
Stages of Loss
Depression, Acceptance
Core elements of fitness
muscular strength, aerobic capacity, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility
flexibility is obtained by?
PPE worn when suctioning a PT
gloves, eyewear and mask
PPE worn when assisting with birth
gloves, eyewear, mask and gown
hepa and n-95 respirators are intedned to protect against?
the type of stress that has positive effects
The human response to stress progresses through 3 stages in what order?
alarm, resistance, exhaustion,
The most common injuries to paramedics is?
back injuries
injury represents what 3rd leading cause of dath in the US

years of productive life is calculated by?
subtracting a person age at death from 65
OSHA guidlines state that BSI is the responsibility of who?
both employer and employee
pathophysiology is?
the study of how disease affects normal body process
MOI is?
Mechanism of Injury/ the force or forces that caused an knjury
NOI is?
Nature of injury/ a patients general medical condition or complaint
Describe the levels of facilities and what each represents
Level I-provides the highest level of trauma care
Level II- may not have specialty pediatrics or a neurosurgeou on site
LevelIII- generall doesn't have immediate surgical facilities available
Level IV- specialty referral centers ex: burn center
"Rule of Thumb" when dealing with proffesional development?
as the voulme of calls decrease,training should correspondingly increase.
Non-traditional Paramedic careers include:
primary care, ER care on oil rigs, occupationsl safety role
Allied Health professional
term to describe members of ancillary health care professions;ex-paramedics, RT physical therapist
the rules or standards that govern the conduct of members of a particular group or profession
In 1948 the World Medical Association adopted what?
Oath of Geneva
IN 1978 the National Association of EMT's adopted what?
EMT code of ethics.
the study of factors that influence the frequency ; distibution and causes of injury, disease and other health realted events
Teachable moments
occur shortly ater an injury, Pt more receptive to prevention in the future
3 types of Prevention
Primary: keeping an injury from ever occuring
Secondary: medical care after an injury that help prevent future problems
Tertiary: rehab after an injury that may help prevent future problems
Injury surpassed stroke as the ______ cause of death in the US in people 1 to 44
Estimated lifetime cost of injuries exceed $_________
114 billion
for every 1 death caused by injury there are an estimated___hospitalization and ___ ER vistis
19, 254
______ is a key indicator of poor health ath the time of birth
Low birth weight
4000 babies die of low birth weight and prematurity

True or False
1 of every 3 deaths among children result from injury

True or False
falls are the most frequent cause of injury to children younger than 6 yrs old

True or False
What type of injury accounts for the largest number in people over 75 yrs
OSHA will take a statue enacted by a legislative body and will prodeuce rules and regs. necessary to implement it?
True or False
Criminal Law
division of the legal system that deals with wrongs committed against soceity or its members
Civil Law
division of the legal system that deals with noncriminal issues and conflicts between two or more parties
a civil wrong committed by one individual against another
Scope of practice
range of duties and skill paramedics are allowed and expected to perfom
Good Samaritan Laws
provides immunity to certain people who assist at the scene of a medical emergency
deviation from accepted standard of card recognized by law for the protection of other against teh unreasonable risk of harm
Duty to Act
a formal contractual or informed legal obligation to provide care
Breach of duty
an action or inaction that violate the standard of care expected from a paramedic
a breach of duty by performance of a wrongful or unlawfulact
a breech of duty by performance of a legal act in a manner that is harmful or injurious
a breech of duty by failure to perfom a required act or duty
a legal doctrine invoked by plantiffs to support a claim of negligence "the thing speaks for itself"
Borrowed Servant Doctrine
the paramedic accused must have taken an employee under his control adn excercised supervisory powers over them
Health INsurance Portability and Accountability Act
an intentional false communication that injures another persons reputation or name
injuring a persons name or rep, by false statements in writng or mass media with malicious intent
injuring a persons name or rep, by false statements spoken with malicious intent
Pt grants permission
informed consent
consent for TX that is given based on full disclosure of info
expressed consent
verbal, nonverbal, or written communication by a PT to receive medical care
implied consent
consent for a PT who is mentally, physically or emotionally unable to grant consent
Involuntary consent
Consent granted by a court order
Emancipated minor
a person under 18 who is married, pregnant, a parent or military or financially independent and living away from home