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all males between 18 and 26 had to register for war to be screened and called for military service
New Left
the growing youth movement of the 1960s which didn’t preach socialism but its followers demanded sweeping changes in American society
(Students for a Democratic Society) founded in 1960 by Tom Hayden and Al Haber; the group charged corporations and large government institutions that had taken over American, and also had a restoration of “participatory democracy” and greater individual freedom
(Free Speech Movement) gained prominence at the University of California at Berkeley; grew out of a clash between students and administrators over free speech on campus
those who strongly opposed the war and believed the United States should withdraw
feeling just as strongly that America should unleash much of its greater military force to win the war
Tet Offensive
massive surprise attack by the Vietcong on South Vietnamese towns and cities early in 1968
Clark Clifford
a friend and supporter of Pres. Johnson’s Vietnam policy, but after looking further into the situation he believed this war was unwinnable
1968 Democratic National Convention
Johnson decided he was done being a president; April 4th MLK was assassinated; RFK was assassinated on June 5th
Robert Kennedy
JFK’s brother and a senator from New York, decided not to run, citing party loyalty
Eugene McCarthy
Minnesota senator that answered the group’s call, declaring that he would run against Johnson on a platform to end the war in Vietnam
Hubert Humphrey
Johnson’s vice president
RFK Assassination
June 5th Kennedy gave his speech at a Los Angeles hotel and while walking out Sirhan Sirhan, a Palestinian immigrant, shot him
George Wallace
helped Nixon’s candidacy by former Alabama governor into the race as a third-party candidate
Richard Nixon and Vietnamization
president 1969 who announced first US troops withdrawals from Vietnam and continued the war against North Vietnam, a policy that some critics would charge prolonged the “war without end” for several more bloody years; vietnamization is called for the gradual withdrawal of US troops in order for the South Vietnamese to take on a more active combat role in the war
Henry Kissinger
National Security Adviser and a German immigrant who had earned three degrees from Harvard, was an expert on international relations
Silent Majority
moderate, mainstream Americans who quietly supported the US efforts in Vietnam
in 1930 Ho helped to create the Indochinese Communist party. and throughout the 1930s he continued to orchestrate Vietnam’s growing independence movement from exile in the Soviet Union and China
an organization whose goal was to win Vietnam’s independence from foreign rule
Communist Vietnamese who shot at our soldiers in the South.
when one country would turn communist the one next to it would also fall…. and so on
the locations were French where forced to surrender due to Vietminh over running it.
temporarily divided Vietnam along the 17th parallel.
South Vietnamese president that was a strong anti-communist who refused to take part in the countywide election of 1956.
a network of paths made for the Vietcong.
a resolution adopted by congress in 1964 giving the president broad powers to wage war in Vietnam
secretary of defense under Johnson
secretary of state under Johnson
the American commander in south Vietnam
(Army of Republic of Vietnam) the south Vietnam army
a gasoline based bomb. The air force dropped these to try to expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts.
a leaf killing toxic chemical that was also sprayed to try to expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts
U.S soldiers conducted these missions where they would uproot civilians with suspected ties to the Vietcong, killing their livestock and burning villages.
War Powers Act
stipulated that the president must inform the congress 48 hours of sending forces into a hostile area without a declaration of war. In addition the troops must stay there no longer then 90 days
Cesar Chavez-
a Mexican American farm worker who tried to form a union for California’s mostly Spanish speaking farm workers.
Chavez, a labor union formed in 1966 to seek higher wages and better working conditions for Mexican American farm workers in California
La Raza Unida-
translated (the people united) an independent Latino political movement, created by Jose Angel Gutierrez
AIM-(American Indian movement)
a militant rights organization. It started out as a self defense group against police brutality, it soon branched out to include protecting the rights of large Native American populations in northern and western states.
the theory behind the women’s movement of the 1960’s, it was a belief that women should have economic, political and social equality with men.
a women’s movement to peruse women’s goals, Betty Friedan helped create it.
Gloria Steinem
a journalist, political activist and ardent supporter of the women’s liberation movement.
a proposed and failed amendment to the US constitution that would have prohibited any government discrimination on the basis of sex.
Phyllis Schaffly
was a conservative and along with conservative religious groups, political organizations and anti-feminist opposed the ERA
a movement made up of mostly white, middle class college youths. Who didn’t agree with the war and injustices in America. Instead of challenging it they turned their backs on traditional America and tried to establish a whole new society.
Haight- Ashbury-
in san Francisco it was known as the hippie capital.
Hippie Culture
sometimes known as the age of the Aquarius, marked by outrageous clothing, Rock-n-roll music, sexual license, and illegal drugs.
The Beatles
a British band made up of 4 youths from working class Liverpool, England
a music and art fair. It represented the 60’s movement of peace, love and some higher cause
Conservative Attack-
the conservatives attacked the counterculture for what they saw as a its decadent Values. This set the nation on a more conservative course.