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What is periodized training?
the deliberate strategy of exposing athletes to high-volume and high intensity training loads followed by a lower training load, known as rest or taper stage.
What is the goal of periodized training?
condition athletes so that their performance peaks at a specific date or in a particular time frame (usually before major competitions or championships).
What is over training?
short cycle of training (lasting a few days to a few weeks) during which athletes expose themselves to excessive training loads that are near or at max capacity.
What would over training result in?
deterioated performance and inability to train at normal levles.
what precedes burnout?
How long should an overtraining impaired performance last?
72 hours to 2 weeks
What is staleness?
A physiological state of overtraining which manifests as deteriorated athletic readiness
What is the outcome of overtrainig when the athlete has difficulty maintaining standard training regimens and can no longer achieve previous performance results?
What percentage of reduction in performance will occur for a truly stale athlete?
5% or greater for 2 weeks or longer
What occurs in 80% of stale athletes?
clinical depression
What is the definition of burnout?
a physical, emotional, and social withdrawal from a formerly enjoyable sport activity.
What is the withdrawal in burnout characterized by?
emotional and physical exhaustion, reduced sense of accomplishments, and sport devaluation.
Burnout occurs as a result of what?
Chronic stress (a perceived or actual imbalance between what is expected o fan athlete physically, psychologically, and socially and his or her response capabilities and motivational orientations and changes in the athlete.
What is the initial stage of burnout?
Exhaustion stage
What is cognitive appraisal?
individuals interpret and appraise the situation (
How is burnout different from overtraining and staleness?
complete withdrawal from the sport
How does burnout differ from simply droppin gout?
It involves psychological and emotional exhaustion, negative responses to others, low self-esteem, and depression
what are the differnet ways burnout can manifest itself in?
exhaustion, depression, staleness, and withdrawal
one an athlete experiences staleness, do subsequent bouts become more likely or less likely?
They become more probable.
What are the 3 characteristics of burnout inventory?
1. Emotional exhaustion
2. Depersonalization
3. Low Personal Accomplishment
In the exhaustion stage of burnout, what would a person likely be experiencing?
helplessness, loss of caring for people, professional risk taking, chronic fatigue, helplssness, lack of control, desire to flee, chronic depression, chronic GI problems,
What is the cognitive-affective stress model?
a four stage, stress-based model fo brunout in sport.
In Smith's cognitive affective stress modesl, what is burnout?
a process involving phsyiological, psychological, and behavioral components that progress in predictable stages.