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agricultural revolution
process in which hunters and gatherers settled into one place and began raising plants and animals. This process began in the Fertile Cresent around 8,000 BC
a group of people who develop complex society, developed writing, and states. This began with the Sumerians of Mesopotamia by 3,000 BC. Mesopotamia was based around the Fertile Crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers
a religion that worships one god. The firsts monotheistic religion was Judaism that started around 2,000 BC. Later, in the early years of AD, Jesus of Nazareth began preaching, evolving parts of Judaism into Christianity
areas that have their own government but are controlled by an outside power. Palestine became a protectorate of the European Allied Powers after World War One defeated the Ottoman Empire
an ecosystem based on drought-resistant herbs and bushes. This ecosystem is dominant in and near the coasts of the Black and Mediterranean seas. Chaparrals exist because areas near those seas are arid and prone to drought.
illegal hunting. Species such as Caspian seals are threatened by poaching. Most poachers kill the animal that is barred from hunting because of skins or other aspects of the animal that are worth a lot of money
Islamic places of worship. Mosques are one of the most visible signs of Muslim heritage. Attached to a mosque is a tower that a crier climbs up to announce prayer time
a crier that climbs the tower of the mosque, called a minaret, and calls the worshippers to pray. The tower is called a minaret
a tower attached to a mosque. A muezzin climbs the minaret five times a day to call people to prayer
desalination plant
a plant where seawater is evaporated to obtain freshwater. These plants are prevalent in dry, arid countries with water shortages. Plants such as these are new innovations and solutions to arid climates
people who travel from place to place. Most ancient nomads settled down and raised livestock around 8,000 BC. Modern day nomads are mostly livestock-herders found across Southwest Asia
trade deficit
a negative trade balance. A country with a trade deficit exports more than it imports. Some countries with a trade deficit include Azerbaijan, Israel, The United States among others
trade surplus
a positive trade balance. A country with a trade surplus imports more than it exports. Some of the countries with a trade surplus include Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia