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Mahan, Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1890
Captin then admiral in the navy.
Belived countries with sea power were the great nations of history.
Belived US should aquire naval bases abroad.
1875 Reciprocity Treaty (Hawaii)
Agreement allowing Hawaiian sugar to enter the US duty free in return the US gained pearl harbor as a naval base.
the legal incorporation of some territory into another.
nation that formally agrees by treaty to enter into a relationship with another stronger nation that protects it from third parties in exchange the weaker nation accepts obligations
1898 Spanish-American War
April through August 1898. More US soldiers die of disease than in war. Americans wanted Spain to peacefully resolve the Cuban fight for independence
Treaty of Paris
ended the the Spanish American War. The US gained ownership of Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam.
1898 Teller Amendment
The U.S. reconizes a free Cuba. U.S. states it will help Cuba attain freedom
1901 Platt Amendment
US get the naval base in Cuba(Guantánamo Bay),
1893 coup/Dole in Hawaii
When Queen Liliuokalani moved to establish a stronger monarchy, Samuel Dole led coup(overthrow of governent)
1899-1902 Filipino- American War
guerillo warfare. US held cities, Filipinos held countryside.
Emilio Aguinaldo
led the Filipinos to war. Captured in 1901
1898 Anti Imperialist League
est. by upper class bostonians and new yorkers led a campaign against ratification of the treaty of paris. They opposed annexation on economic, legal, and moral grounds
open door policy
each nation with a sphere of influence in china was to allow other nations to trade freely and equally in its sphere. allowed the US to trade witht the chinese without fear of interference