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The anterior chest area that overlies athe heart and great vessels is called the?
The biscupid or mitral valve is located
Between the left atrium and the left ventricle
The semilunar valves are located
at the exit of each ventricle at the beginning of the great vessels
The sinoatrial node of the heart is located on the
Posterior wall of the right atrium
During a cardiac examination the nurse can best hear the S1 Heart sound by placing the stethoscope a the clients
Apex of the heart
The S4 heart sound can be heard
During diastole
An adult client visits the clinic and tells the nurse that she feels chest pain and pain down her left arm. The nurse should refer the client to a physician for possible ?
An adult client tells the nurse that his father died of a massive coronary attack at the age of 65 the nurse should explain to the client that one of the risk factors for coronary heart disease is
High serum level of low density lipoproteins.
When preparing to auscultate a clients carotid arteries the nurse should
Ask the client to hold her breath.
When assessing an older patient the nurse detects a bruit over the carotid artery the nurse explains to the patient that a bruit is
Associated with occlusive arterial disease.
If a patients jugular veins are fully extended what should the nurse do?
Contact the physician because this is a sign of increased central venous pressure
When palpating the apex left sternal border, and base in an adult client the nurse detects a thrill. The nurse should further assess the client for ?
Cardiac murmur
To auscultate Erb's point the nurse should place the stethoscope at the
3rd to 5th intercostal space at the right sternal border.
When a nurse detects an irregular patter the nurse should?
refer the client to the physician
When listening to a adolescents heart sounds the nurse detects an S3 sound at the beginning of the diastolic pause. What should the nurse do?
This is a normal finding in adolescents.
When assessing an adult pt the nurse detects opening snaps early in diastole during auscultation of the heart. The nurse should refer the client to a physician because this is a usually indicative of?
Mitral valve stenosis
When a nurse detects paradoxical pulses during assessment the nurse should explain to the patient that paradoxical pulse is and indicator of ?
Obstructive lung disease
When the heart rate speeds up and slows down during a cycle this is known as?
Sinus arrhythmia
The 4th heart sound S4 is a ?
Low frequency sound best heard with the bell of the stethoscope.
Area of auscultation located at the second ICS at the left sternal border
Part of the stethoscope used to auscultate normal heart sounds
Localized area of tissue necrosis caused by prolonged anoxia
Assessment technique most often associated with evaluation of the cardiovascular system