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Any attempt to acquire knowledge by observing objects or events
Operational Definition
A description of an abstract property in terms of a concrete condition that can be measure
Group assignment
reason why we can say what things cause other things to happen
Demand Characteristics
Those aspects of an observatioinal setting that cause people to behave as they think an observer wants or expects them to behave
Third-Variable Correlation
The fact that two variables may be correlated only because they are both caused by a third variable
a verbal description of the true nature and purpose of a study that psychologists provide to people after they have participated in the study
external validity
A characteristic of an experiment in which the independent and dependent variables are operationally defined in a normal, typical, or realistic way
internal validity
the characteristic of an experiment that allows one to draw accurate inferences about the causal relationship between an independent and dependent variable
demand characteristics
cues that tell participants what is expected of them and what the expeimenter hopes to find
Hawthorne Effect
Observation of a behavior changes behavior
Selective Attrition
certain people who start study and leave may be different from the people who stay and are there for the end
ex. College freshmen who switch majors